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The Legend of Zelda for Siena

No description

Jordan Holloway

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of The Legend of Zelda for Siena

Skyward Sword
Skyward Sword was released in 2011 for the Wii, and comes first in the official timeline. You start off as Link, a student at a knight academy on a giant island in the clouds known as Skyloft. Link and Zelda are close childhood friends, (how can you not be after being stuck on an island with someone for 17 years...) and after Zelda is thrown off of her Loftwing (giant birds people ride for fun) by a tornado, Link has to find out why. Later that night, Link is awoken by a voice in the hallway of the academy building. Outside his dorm room is a blue and purple shiny woman thing. (I'm not going to spend an incredible amount of time on details cuz pictures and shit.)
Four Swords
So this one is pretty short, but uhh it released in 2003 for the Gameboy Advanced. So generations after Minish Cap, the seal on the Four Sword and Vaati began to weaken. Zelda and Link (these would be descendants since it's many years later) went to check on the Four Sword at its sanctuary (that's now a grove) and basically Vaati broke out, and took Zelda to his Palace of Winds. This would probably be the least interesting of storylines in the entire series, but it's multiplayer, so that's pretty cool actually.
The Minish Cap
The Minish Cap was released for the Gameboy Advanced in 2004 and I'm literally thinking about this as I'm typing it but since you have my GBA SP for the year I might mail my copy of the game to you while you're still in CO:) Anyway, hundreds of years after the establishment of Hyrule, Link's descendant Link (lol) goes to the Picori Festival at Hyrule Castle Town. (Picori are tiny people that everyone believes to be mythological) Link finds his friend Zelda at the festival and they do festivaly stuff and enter a drawing. A man named Vaati wins the drawing and his prize is the legendary Picori Blade, which he proceeds to break in half. Then he turns Zelda to stone and teleports away after mentioning that the power that he is looking for is out there somewhere.
The Legend of Zelda For Siena Bertoluzzi By Jordan Holloway
For the year that I've known you I've always wanted to share my love of the deep and emotional stories of The Legend of Zelda, and I thought this would be kinda cool to do for you. Love you:)
Ocarina of Time
Now this part doesn't really matter, but I'm just going to point out that Ocarina of Time was the first 3D Legend of Zelda game released in 1998 for the N64. This game is considered by most to be the single best video game of all time, so that's just a little background:) The story starts off with a young boy named Link, who lives in Kokiri Forest. Everybody there is a child (at this point Miyamoto decided to base Link off of Peter Pan... Kinda) and they are all accompanied by faries, except for Link. That is, until the day that Navi is sent for Link by the guardian of the forest, the Great Deku Tree...
Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru
The purple lady thing is known as Fi, and led Link to the Statue of the Goddess on Skyloft where he found the Goddess Sword, and used it to open a hole in the clouds below Skyloft. Link took his Loftwing and decided to just jump off while he was above the hole because yolo I guess. Link fell into a giant forest called the Faron Woods, and went into an old temple where he met an old lady named Impa. She told Link that to find Zelda, he would need to explore all of the land below the clouds. So Link, while exploring the Faron Woods, found the Skyview Temple (1st dungeon in the game). After battling his way through the entire building he discovered strong readings of Zelda's presence in a specific room. There, he met Ghirahim, one of the most flamingly homosexual characters I've ever experienced. Ghirahim tries to kill Link, but you go through the boss fight and after winning, Ghirahim retreats.
After proceeding through the room, Link finds a spring with a statue holding the Ruby Tablet, that is supposed to open another hole in the sky. Fi tells Link that Zelda's presence is no longer strong, so they go back to Skyloft, where Link opens the next hole, sending him to a sweltering region of Hyrule called Eldin Volcano. Link summits the volcano, finds the next dungeon, the Earth Temple, and once again barely misses Zelda thanks to Ghirahims weird lava spider thing. BUT this time Link does actually see Zelda with a woman that he heard Zelda call Impa. Most interesting... That is if you're still reading this Berto lol:) So anyway, he gets another tablet, does the thing and the next place is Lanayru Desert.
So now Link has to open up the next dungeon, Lanayru Mining Facility, by using timeshift stones, which can transform an area into the way it was several centuries ago for a certain radius. Link goes through, fights a big scorpion, and comes out the other side of the dungeon at the ruins of the Temple of Time. He sees Zelda and Impa, and Ghirahim comes in and just fucking ruins everything because fuck good guys. Basically Impa and him fought while Zelda retreated through a big clock thingy that you're not supposed to know about yet and Link saves Impa's ass so she can follow Zelda. Then the big clock blows up and Ghirahim screams and teleports away. So that happened. Also Zelda throws a harp at Link before she disappears.
The Three Sacred Flames
Link goes back to Impa (the old one) and she tells Link that to open the only other Gate of Time (big clock portal thingy) that exists, he needs the Master Sword. To do that, Link needed to purify his current blade with 3 sacred flames that all reside in the regions metioned before. So he goes through all of the regions again (and meets a cool water dragon in Faron Woods) and does a few sidequests that aren't relevant to the actual story. Link did the next three dungeons, Ancient Cistern in Faron, where he got the Flame of Courage, The Sandship, where he got the Flame of Wisdom, and The Fire Sanctuary, where he battles Ghirahim again, forcing him into retreat and obtaining the Flame of Power. Each flame upgraded the sword as shown by the picture on the left, but the flames weren't quite enough. Link went back to the old lady, opened the gate of time, and found himself at the exact same place he entered in the small temple. The only difference was that he was many years in the past, with the young Impa and Zelda.
Hylia, The Triforce, and Demise
Zelda explains to Link that she is the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, who took the Triforce and all of the innocent people, and raised a chunk of land from the earth to the sky so that they could survive from an army of evil creatures led by the Demon King, Demise. Demise was sealed into a pit that is right outside the temple that Link and Zelda are in, and Zelda needs to wait at the temple until Link can find the Triforce in his own time, and defeat Demise in the past. Zelda upgraded the sword into the True Master Sword and sent Link back to the sky. Link discovered the Triforce of Power, Wisdom, and Courage in a temple called Sky Keep that was hidden under the Statue of the Goddess. The interesting thing about the dungeon is that its exterior is shaped like the pit that Demise is sealed in. So after Link found the Triforce, he returned to the past where Demise broke out and basically to make it less complicated, Link killed him after killing Ghirahim and Demise pledged that reincarnations of his soul would haunt Link and Zelda's descendants for centuries. So yeah that's the just of Skyward Sword. After killing Demise, the statue fell off of Skyloft and into the pit, where Link and Zelda established the kingdom of Hyrule. Link put the Master Sword in the pedestal in the Temple of Hylia (Where the new Gate of Time is) I'll probably have said this to you by the time this is done and you know about it, but let me know if anything needs clarification:)
So Link gathers the shattered Picori Blade and gets a functional one from the local blacksmith, and sets off to the Minish Woods, in hopes of discovering the Picori. Instead he finds a hat with a bird head that can talk. I mean, close enough for me. Lol jk so his name is Ezlo and he tells Link about how Vaati was his apprentice as a mage but he got carried away with his power and turned Ezlo into a hat because once again, fuck good guys. So Link puts Ezlo on, which allows him to shrink down to the size of a Picori. This allows Link to discover the Picori village where he learns that to restore the blade, he must collect four elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. AAAAAAAAADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!1!!!!
The Four Elements
Link set off to FIVE different dungeons in search of the FOUR elements (needless to say one of the dungeons was a big disappointment for the player), and each time he obtained an element, he could upgrade the Picori Blade at a place in Hyrule Castle called the Four Sword Sanctuary (I was writing about this in the Origins book thingy that I was doing for you) After he obtained the elements and fully upgraded the sword, it became the Four Sword, the blade that would allow Link to split into four versions of himself to accomplish various tasks.
An Untold Backstory Between Skyward Sword and Minish Cap
After Link defeated Demise in Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda took the parts of the Triforce that were chosen for them, (Wisdom for Zelda and Courage for Link) and sealed the Triforce of Power in the Sacred Realm where it came from. They did this so that nobody would be able to steal the Triforce of Power like Demise attempted to, because if anyone did and didn't have a good heart, they could fairly easily screw shit up. Just a bit of helpful info for the next parts of Minish Cap:)
Dark Hyrule Castle
Once he obtained the Four Sword, Link set off to Vaati's new lair in Hyrule Castle. Upon discovering Vaati at the top of the highest tower, Link confronts him with the Four Sword, the only blade that can purge Vaati of his dark magic. Vaati explains how he is trying to obtain a "Light Force" from Princess Zelda. The Light Force he is referring to is the Triforce of Wisdom so that he could become even more invincible because WHY THE FUCK NOT. With the power of the Four Sword, Link kills Vaati and breaks the curse on Ezlo and Zelda. Link sealed Vaati within the Four Sword pedestal at the sanctuary (I also wrote about this is you remember) and returned to his normal life.
This Game Is Beatable In A Single Sitting
Yeah so basically the four Links get set off to find enough Rupees so that you can buy a key off of some asshole Great Faries that won't just fucking give it to you when you need it. So the key is for the Palace of Winds, and once the Links obtained it they went there and basically slaughtered Vaati and sealed him the same as before. Not crazy interesting but I suppose the gameplay would've been pretty decent if they didn't make the ame itself so fuckin short. So that's that, next up is the game that fucked it all up and split the timeline into three. Lol.
Hyrule in Chaos
Link goes with Navi to meet the Great Deku Tree, where Link has to save the tree from a parasite that an evil thief named Ganondorf set upon him. So Link goes in with his new sword and kills the parasite, and the Great Deku Tree gives Link the Kokiri Emerald, a sacred stone.
The Great Deku Tree tells Link a story of the creation of Hyrule:
In recent events, Ganondorf seeks to gain access to the Sacred Realm, and obtain the Triforce of Power.
Princess Zelda and the Spiritual Stones
Link is told by the tree to visit Princess Zelda in Hyrule Castle, and Link won't die if he leaves the forest because plot twist he's not actually a Kokiri. So yea. Link sneaks into Zelda's garden in Hyrule Castle and Zelda says that he's the boy from her dream/prophecy thing. Zelda tells him to find the 3 Spiritual Stones to open the Door of Time to get the only thing that can stop Ganondorf. So Link travels to Goron City in Death Mountain and Zora's Domain to retrieve the next two stones, the Goron Ruby, and the Zora Sapphire. Link returns to Zelda, and a scene is shown of Zelda riding away on a white horse with her nursemaid, Impa. Zelda throws the Ocarina of Time to Link because it's the last thing needed to open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time. Link goes to the temple, places the stones, and plays the Song of Time. The door opens, and there is a circular room containing the blade of evil's bane, the Master Sword. (The Temple of Hylia where Link left the sword is know known as the Temple of Time. Link draws the sword, and is sealed in the Temple of Light in the Sacred Realm.
The Six Sages
By drawing the sword from its pedestal, Link has opened a gate to the Sacred Realm, where Ganondorf broke into shortly after and stole the Triforce of Power. During this time, Link was watched by the Sage of Light, Rauru, and he slept in the Temple of Light for 7 years. When he woke, he was given the Light Medallion by Rauru, and released back into Hyrule. Rauru told Link to awaken the other 5 sages. Link left the Temple of Time and discovered that Hyrule Castle was destroyed and replaced with a large black tower. The entire city was surrounded with black clouds, and filled with creatures called Redeads. Link set out to Kokiri Forest, Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, Kakariko Village, Gerudo Desert to awaken the sages of Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit. After doing this, Link went to Ganon's Castle and challenged him to a battle that would determine Hyrule's existance.
So Now It's All Fucked Up
After the battle, 3 of the possible results would be: Link is killed by Ganon, Link kills Ganon and Zelda sends him back to his own time, and Link kills Ganon and stays in his current time after the battle.
A Link To The Past
(Link got dead)
The next game after Ocarina of Time in the event that Link is killed, A Link To he Past released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. The Six Sages used their power to temporarily seal Ganon in the Sacred Realm with the Triforce, where Ganon obtained the entire Triforce and turned the Sacred Realm into a hell known as the Dark World. The game kicks off with Link's dream that the Princess of Hyrule is locked in a cell below the castle and needs help. So... Yea.
The Three Pendants
So I'm guessing by now you've seen a pattern or at least would recognize it if I point it out. In the first half of the game, you usually have to obtain three things, be they the Spiritual Stones, Tablets, Fused Shadows (Twilight Princess), or in this case, the three Pendants of Courage, Power, and Wisdom. After rescuing Zelda, Link is told to meet a man named Sahasrahla, the only person who knows how to get the Master Sword. He tells Link that he needs to find these pendants from another 3 dungeons. So after doing this, Link goes into the Sacred Grove (basically the almost completely destroyed Temple of Time) and finds the Master Sword.
The Dark World
So Ganondorf after being sealed away, turned the Sacred Realm into the Dark World because he now has the entire Triforce in his possession. Ganon hired a wizard named Agahnim to open a hole to the Light World and capture the descendants of the sages from long ago. Link used the Magic Mirror to go to the Dark World, rescue the descendants of the sages in various dungeons, and kill Agahnim and Ganon who utilized the Triforce to turn himself into a giant beast. Link, after destroying Ganon, Link laid his hands on the Triforce and wished for peace to return to Hyrule. So the Sacred Realm was restored and it was all happy and stuff. Yayyyy.
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Seasons released simultaneously with Oracle of Ages for the Gameboy Color in 2001. After restoring peace to Hyrule, Link placed the Triforce in Hyrule Castle and was sent to a faraway land called Holodrum (Idk why it doesn't say) . There he met a woman named Din (same name as the Goddess of Power) and she was kidnapped by Onox, the General of Darkness. Once Din was captured, the four seasons of Holodrum were thrown into chaos, changing every few minutes. So basically Colorado lol. ANYWAY Link went to some cave or something and got the Rod of Seasons, so he could control the seasons. Then he set out to search for the eight Essences of
Nature. (1 essence for each dungeon). Okay I'm
only gonna take up one bubble for this hahaha.
So Link got the 8 essences and challenged
Onox's true form, the Dark Dragon. Rescuing Din,
peace was restored to Holodrum.
Oracle of Ages
Same deal here, 2001 Gameboy Color. Oracle of Ages starts with Link being transported to Labrynna, another unfamiliar continent. This time Link met Nayru, (same name as Goddess of Wisdom) who is possessed by the Sorcerer of Shadows, Veran. Veran disappears and uses Nayru's powers to manipulate time. Link must now find the eight Essences of TIME instead of Nature lol. So he does that, fights Veran, rescues Nayru, and sets sail back to Hyrule after saving both Holodrum and Labrynna. Yayyy. JUST KIDDING. The rest of the plot is only unlockable if you link the two Games with a cable in two separate systems, in which Ganon is revived by his surrogate and real mother. Since the revival wasn't completed correctly, he came back in beast form but he didn't have the Triforce of Power so he was easily killed by Link. THEN Link sailed back for Hyrule.
Link's Awakening
Link's Awakening was released for the Gameboy in 1993. On Link's journey back to Hyrule from Labrynna, his ship is struck by lightning and washes up on a shore where a girl named Marin finds and rescues him. Link remarks on how closely Marin resembled Zelda when he first woke up. Link attempted to leave this new place called Koholint Island, but Marin insisted that the only way he could leave was by waking up the Wind Fish, which is basically the god of the island. The Wind Fish was located at the top of the highest mountain in a giant egg, and to wake him, Link needed to obtain the eights Instruments of the Sirens. Link stood before the giant egg, and somehow played all eight instruments for the Wind Fish. The tune he played is called the Ballad of the Wind Fish and it's kinda my favorite:) In the video on the right you can see
the island beginning to disappear, because Koholint
Island was just created by the Wind Fish's dream.
So that's really sad.
Why I Love Link's Awakening
I'm leaving out quite a few details in games like Link's Awakening and the Oracle games because after the exposition, there's no major plot point until the end. This doesn't mean I like these games less than games like Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, (However I'm not too high on the Oracle games compared to everything else) it just means that they have different qualities to them. For example Link's Awakening is (I think) my 4th favorite Zelda game just because of things like the music, the feel of the game, and just the idea of the whole thing. Link's Awakening, though not a legendary plot-twisting game such as Ocarina of Time, is a really touching sidestory and even though it was technically the 4th entry in the series, it wasn't at all a conventional Zelda game. And I loved it.
A Link Between Worlds
Okay so wow. This one is new, I just beat it in like March I think haha. But uhh so this released in 2013 for the 3DS. Back in 2011, Nintendo took a poll on whether Zelda fans wanted a 3DS remake of Majora's Mask, a 3DS remake of A Link To The Past, or a SEQUEL to A Link To The Past. I, wanting a new game picked the last one and uh I was pretty happy with this game. Anyway, this game takes place six generations after Link's Awakening. Link is the apprentice of a blacksmith and he is told to deliver a sword to a general in the Hylian Army. This specific general was escorting Seres (a descendant of the Sage of Water) to the castle. Link finds him and this guy named Yuga just kinda shows up and turns Seres into a painting. Link returns to his home and meets a guy in a bunny suit named Ravio who gives Link a bracelet. Seems legit. Ravio tells Link to report what happened to Princess Zelda. Link does so and Zelda tels Link to obtain the 3 pendants again so that he can obtain the Master Sword and seek out Yuga.
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