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The Break Up Analysis

No description

Sarah Cochener

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of The Break Up Analysis


Group Analysis of....
And Communication
Social Unit
Masculine/Feminine Culture
High Context/Low Content and High Content/Low Context
Verbal Messages
Gender Context
Brooke's Verbal
Cultural Context
The principle of cooperation
The principle of peaceful relations
The principle of face-saving
Communication Errors
Meanings are in People, not things
Gary's Verbal
Connotative Language
Emotional Meaning
Snarl Words
End Result

Love types and Love & Communication



Listening Barriers
Distractions: Physical & Mental- Both get in the way of focused listening

Biases & Prejudices- Distorts listening ability

Lack of Appropriate Focus:-Getting detoured from the main idea

Premature Judgement- Assuming you know what is going to be said.
Organizational Messages
Nonverbal Messages
Accent a point
Express emotions
Make an impression on the listener
Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 2
Interpersonal conflict

Socio-psychological context
Gary is older
Gary is the boss

Competitive style of argument
I win + I win

Interpersonal, Group, and Workplace Conflict
Open Self - openly a couch potatoe

Blind Self - hurtful words

Hidden Self - actually really cares about Brooke

Unknown Self - The diverse relationship among brothers
Brooke's Action: Flaunts a man in front of Gary, to make him jeleous.

Gary's Action: Sways other man's attention in his favor, ruining brooke's plan.

Brooke's Emotional Response:
Sad that Gary doesn't fight for her when moving on

Gary's Emotional Response:
Sad at the thought that rooke is moving on

Johari Window
Formal Communication- Messages that are in harmony with the organization.
Upward Communication- From lower levels to upper levels
Downward Communication- From upper levels to lower levels
lateral Communication- Between equals

Informal Communication- Messages that may be over any topic & discussed in a more interpersonal setting
Interpersonal Communication
Turn-yielding, turn-denying, and backchanneling cues
Maxim of generosity
Communication in relationships
Actions and reactions
Supportive communication
Human Interactions
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