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Destiny log in and Follett eBooks

No description

Dawn Coughlin

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Destiny log in and Follett eBooks

Huron School District Library Online Card Catalog

Now that you are logged in, you can see the homepage, the Catalog tab and the My Info tab. The My Info tab is where you find out what you have checked out and all that good stuff.
I know you want to read those eBooks on your iPad or other device.
You clicked on the FollettShelf icon in cataloging so now you see the books that are available to you from Follett and your library.
It's your "Destiny"
Start here
The Catalog tab is where you find all the fun stuff!
Buchanan, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Middle School or High School.
Click on the school you wish to visit
Now you see the home page of the school you are visiting. You can check your account--see what items you have checked out, see your check out history, place holds on library items, see if you have any fines, see recommendations and even create private resource lists if you log in. And you can visit our FollettShelf and open an eBook!
Do you see the little "Login" icon up in the corner?
Click on that and put your login information in the spaces provided. If you don't know your login info, check with your building library personnel.
Click on the Library Search tab at the top of the sidebare to search the card catalog.
Click on Destiny Quest to switch to the Destiny Quest format to search the card catalog.
Click on Resource Lists to see your private and all public list for that library. Teachers may make new public lists, and students can only create private lists.
Click on the FollettShelf icon to see the Follett eBooks your library has.
Huron High School has
about 400 Follett eBooks, some
for students, some for
staff. Tap on the cover of the
book to get more information.
Do you see that white laying
down figure 8 on the green
flag? That means that book
is available for unlimited
simultaneous use by patrons
of said school.
If the book doesn't have an
infinity symbol, only one patron
may view the book at a specific
Tap the book you are
interested in and either tap again to open or tap on the i to see more information about the book.
Open the book and read!
Now that you have to book open, you can read, search text, highlight, make notes...
and they will all be there the next time you open this book.
Type in your user name and your password...
and click on "Login"
Tap on Menu bars to
see menu options.
Page options--bigger, smaller, one or two page, full screen...
Turn the page...
Check the book out and you will have exclusive rights to it until you check it back in, or the due date arrives.
No more late, lost or damaged books:)
Click on the book bag from the home page of FollettShelf...
Don't remember if you have any Follett eBooks checked out?
and My Checkouts gives you the titles of those books checked out to you, or tells you that you have no checkouts.
Go to My Checkouts (through your book bag) and click on the Return Early button.
So, you are done reading the ebook you have checked out and you want to return it early...
Click on the due date arrow and select yes if you want to return the title early.
Enjoy exploring our library and reading our books!
You are ready to use Destiny and FollettShelf!
If you have any questions, please contact your building library media specialist or library aide.
Access all this from any computer or tablet with and Internet connection.
There is an app for offline reading of Follett eBooks--Follett Brytewave K-12 Edition. For a tutorial on that, follow the link from the HS Destiny homepage.
Remember: Destiny does not like the back arrow. You need to use the tabs, the sidebar or the "breadcrumbs" to navigate around Destiny.
Don't forget to log out when you are finished.
Tap the middle of the screen to get the options in blue.
The FollettShelf icon
will allow you to
close, or checkout the
book and go back to
the list of Follett eBooks.
Click on the
My Notebook
icon, and it will
show you all notes
you have made.
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