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Chloe Cooley

Learn the life and struggles of Chloe Cooley and how she fought for her rights- truly amazing!!

Saarah Ajwani

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Chloe Cooley

By Saarah Ajwani Life Of Chloe Cooley How it All Started... Slavery is a huge factor in African- American history. This is why there is Black History month. The month of February dedicated to supporting and learning about the personalities and struggles of important figures which changed the world. These include Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X and many more. The life of Chloe Cooley was no different. Her life was spent as a slave, taken in chains and sold in US. Although her birth and childhood is unknown, there are major events and contributions out there to share and admire. In the following paragraphs, an outline of a major event, followed by contributions, lessons learnt and lastly the Islamic Perspective. Major Event Chloe Cooley was an amazing Canadian but only one major event of her was released to the public. On March 14, 1793, Chloe Cooley was enslaved in Queenston, Upper Canada. This period of time for her was tied in chains, thrown in a boat, taken across the border and sold in U.S. all under the hands of Lieutenant Governor Simcoe. Still, Chloe resisted. Peter Martin, a free black man, noticed her struggles and witnessed the incident by William Grisley to report the incident. The witness went a long way. Contributions After the incident was reported, Governor Simcoe made a legislation that it would be illegal for someone coming into the country to enslave or rule any slaves. Also, anyone born to an enslaved mother was to be freed at the age of 25.Chloes incident was the reason why the law came to place. It was named the Emancipation Proclamation or Simcoe Day.
The Emancipation Proclamation is celebrated on August !st. This
is when Governor Simcoe was appointed in Upper Canada where
slavery was held throughout the country. Slavery in
Canada was taken away on August 1st, 1834.
From this day, many contributions followed. On March 14,1793, the Chloe Cooley incident took place. Her suffering was documented when Peter Martin reported it to the Upper Canada executive council meeting on March 21, 1793. On July 9, 1793, an Act to Prevent Future Slavery was passed in the assembly house of Upper Canada. Although Chloe wasnt free from slavery, her case brought awareness to other citizens which allowed African Americans to live freely. Lessons Learnt Islamic Perspective Going back to the Chloe incident, Islam has many things
in the Quran about slavery. In Surah Baqarah 2:177
it says;
"... and give away wealth out of the love of
him to the near kin and the orphans and the
needy and the wayfarer and the beggars and
for the freeness of the captives..." Islamic Perspective cont. Allah is saying in this ayah that he doesnt like
those who dont change any bad in the world. A believer is one
who believes in him, the day of judgement, the angels, the holy Quran, and the prophets. Also one who gives charity to their family, the needy, travelers, beggars and for the freeness of slaves. Another thing is that they pray their salat, pay their charity, keep their promises and guard from evil.
From this we are to believe in Allah and have faith in him. Also we are to help those in need and pray our daily salats.
This relates to Chloe because she was held as a slave but no one helped her. This ayah states that a believer must help free slaves and make sure no evil occurs under our control. Many lessons are to be learnt from Chloe. Firstly,
stand up for your rights. Chloe resisted fiercly to all
the beatings so she could get freed. Although she wasnt freed, her struggles were put into consideration for others to have freedom.
Another lesson is that colour doesnt have an impact on who you are and how you should be treated. Being an African American, Chloe wasnt treated with any respect. Still, she didnt care about her colour and still fought for her rights which she was entitled to have. With this, she fought for her freedom but instead got freedom for others suffering just like her. The lesson here is that everyone should be treated equally because in the eyes of God, we are all equal. Hence, it doent matter who you are, what you wear, how you look, you should be greatful because Allah made you that way for a reason. In Conclusion... Chloe Cooley was a very important person in society. She was slaved but helped free others. Sadly, not much was known about her, but of what was known, she was an amazing personality!

Thank You for your time. Hope you learnt a lot from the life of Chloe Cooley!
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