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Lady Jane Grey

No description

Connor Shelton

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Lady Jane Grey

Early Life
On February 12, 1554 Guildford was beheaded in public by the London Tower. Later that same day inside the London Tower Lady Jane Grey was beheaded in private. She blindfolded herself and walked herself to the executioner were she recited Psalms 51 (Have Mercy Upon me, O God) in English.
When the Privy Council ( High Council) decided that Mary I (half sister of Edward VI) was the rightful queen they charged Lord Guildford and Lady Jane for High Treason unjustly. They were put in the London Tower for three days.
The Nine Days Queen
Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey was born in 1536 to Henry Grey, Duke of Sufolk and Lady Francis Brandon. She was in line for the throne of England through her mother, who was the granddaughter of King Henry VII. She was said to stay inside her family's house and write in Greek and Latin instead of going outside.
At the death of her cousin, Edward VI, in July 1553 she was crowned Queen of England even though Edward had two half sisters (both eventually become queens of England). King Edward VI made her the heir on his deathbed.

In conclusion the short life of Lady Jane Grey was more than just a average life, it was a life of a extremely intellegent young woman who made an impact, even in her nine days of being
queen She was considered more than just a political victim, but a martyr.
In May of 1553 Lady Jane married Lord Guildford Dudley, a friend of the royal family. The marriage was arranged because Lord Dudley's brother was one of the most powerful man in England. Both were less than 20 years old.
By Connor Shelton
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