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Poster Board: Blazing Wildfires Core Values

No description

Blazing Wildfires Fll Team

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Poster Board: Blazing Wildfires Core Values

Our team displays Respect to:

Our teammates by being good listeners, taking turns, and including their input.
Our coaches by listening to their advice and following their rules and guidelines.
Members of other FLL teams by showing good sportsmanship and complimenting them in their good efforts.
Parents at home, teachers and classmates at school, and everyone around us.
Core Values
Team Spirit
Our team displays inclusion by discussing everyone's ideas, building on them, and agreeing on the best approach.
Adit: Idea of making a robot to fight fires.
Agustin: Idea to use Aqueous Film Forming Foam for the extinguishing solution.
Harrison: Determined features and visualized it by building a Lego model as a prototype.

Robot Game:
Builders: Designed robot and figured out quantity and location of motors.
Programmers: Decided how to program the robot.
Efficiency Officers: Figured out the best way to spend time in base.

We display integration by using the many tips we learned in the three sections of FLL: Core Values, Robot Game and Project, that we are applying in school, at home, and in other places. For example:

Agustin: 5th Grade Explorer Report and JavaScript programming
Cole: Presenting skills, code objective C programming, working with other people, and using prezi
Sharwin: PowerPoints and Presentations
Adit: Water Conservation Power Point and presenting skills, Python programming, and learning to work as a team.
Harrison: Power Point and Keynote
Heenan: Learning to perform and cooperate under stress.

We learned a lot of information and displayed discovery by:

Interviewing the firefighters, Nathan Smith and Joe Varin, at the San Ramon Department, and Henry Shaw, a geologist.
Gathering the information for the Project was just as fun as the Robot Game, which we were not expecting.
Our team displays Coopertition by:

Competing in scrimmages with other teams to practice the Robot Game.
Putting our best effort in the competition.
Exchanging tips with other teams about how we could improve our robots, and as a result, incorporated treads to our robot.

Our team shows team spirit by:

Sticking together and finishing our tasks no matter what.
Encouraging each other and not letting anyone down.
Being very cheerful and happy, even if we lose!
Learning to play together, even outside FLL activities.

Our team displays teamwork by getting to know each other and understanding everyone's strengths. This allowed us to be efficient and effective.

Divided up our team into multiple groups to get them done faster.
Divided Project up by having half of the team working on one part of our presentation, and half of the team on the other. We chose individual leaders for each part.
Divided our Robot Game by each individual working on a different program or other task.
Planned everything out and made sure it got done in time.
We cooperated and worked together, but stayed on task.
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