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No description

Andrew Wilson

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Citizenship

The best trick with this, is to use emotive language - create a link between the 'heart' of the reader and exploit it so they agree with you
Using the paragraph guidance - write your 'argument for' paragraph.
Constructing Arguments For & Against
Attacking A Statement
All about key words in the statement - are there any you can pick apart?

Everyone - does this mean unlimited numbers, no checks on them...

Welcome - what does this mean? Should they get benefits? How long for?
LO1: I will learn how to 'attack' a statement in order to develop arguments against it

LO2: I will learn how to develop arguments in favour of a statement

LO3: I will learn how to use emotive language as a persuasive technique

Developing Arguments In Favour
This is the hardest part of any essay - and is the difference between a 6 and a 9!
Writing A Conclusion
Marking Codes Explained

What Went Well - needs to be detailed
How It Could Be Better - needs to be really detailed

Why do we do 3 drafts:
- setting out your ideas, trying out phrasing
1st Draft
- does it all work as one essay? Getting feedback from each other
2nd Draft
- Can you work within the time given?Teacher marked as an assessment!

Peer Assessment
You now have 25 minutes - and NO MORE to complete the entire essay for your first draft
1st Full Draft
Using the paragraph guidance - write your 'argument against' paragraph.
Task 1
Needs to be a well constructed argument
A good conclusion needs:
To summarise the whole essay
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments for & against
Actually answer the question - what do you think?!
This will then be peer assessed - and then we will repeat the process and then I will mark it
During this time:
You must be silent - talking = a distraction
You must be as focused as possible
You must work within the time
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