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Deven Nongbri: Marketing Leader

With over 15 years of experience in corporate and marketing communications, Deven is helping clients plan, build and deliver digital programs that fuel interest in and strengthen corporate reputations.

Deven Nongbri

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Deven Nongbri: Marketing Leader

Building Brand Experiences
Corporate Marketing
Pioneering Social Business
Targeting the Right Prospects
Deven Nongbri
Results-Driven Digital Marketing Leader

Helped Build Some Of The Biggest Brands
And So Much More
Deven Nongbri: Digital Marketing Leader
Developer of high-performance marketing teams
Building Brand Experiences
Product Launches
Engaging Millennials Thru Snapchat
Putting Brands at the Center of Social
Re-branded over 750 products into 20 core products, saving company over $6 million in ad expenses

Re-introduced international beer brand to new audience with UEFA Championship local activation, driving penetration rates to 12%
International energy company saw their best-ever retail fuel product launch with a 10% jump in premium fuel sales after the launch

Phone company experienced rise in broadband penetration (15%+) in markets where full experiential marketing events were held
Leveraging near real-time shopper data resulted in identifying 80% increase in leads at existing budget for major online rental company

Tapped into device- and location-specific cues to target ads at key moments resulting in 3 to 1 ROI for international mobile device accessory maker
The tease campaign for this third video game release generated over 1.3 billion impressions with the accompanying hashtags becoming trending topics worldwide

The in-game Snapcodes were snapped 6.05 million times, setting the record for the most views for a single Snap

There were an additional 50 million views on the Black Ops III trailer on YouTube that captured the excitement of this campaign being discovered by Gen-Z and Millennial male fans

The game went on to have a $550 million opening
weekend, marking the largest video game launch
of 2015, and setting a new benchmark in video
game opening weekends
Major device maker's Screen Share outreach resulted in improved TRU (total revenue per unit) by 9%

Social sharing prompts in event and ticketing purchase path resulted in 19% increase in conversion
Leveraged social media, owned media and SEO/search to respond to and wind down global crisis for popular CPG brand, saving the company potentially millions in legal claims

Established new social media identities for global medical center brand through handle consolidation without losing any audiences, and actually driving 20%+ growth in audience

Developed strategy to build out highly visual digital and social presence for regional farm brand, growing the addressable audience, and increasing engagement 25%+
Supported corporate communications and international consumer product launches for global healthcare company

Helped drive product development and technology partnerships for Fortune 50 telecom

Provided definition and requirements for digital analytics and data visualization for national home retailer

Defined and built out digital strategy for global building supplies company

Helped define and negotiate digital rights and digital asset identities and sponsorships for global sports league
Special Guest Appearance at 2:38
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