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Senior Exit Portfolio

High School Senior #2012 !

Justine A.

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Senior Exit Portfolio

Senior Exit Portfolio

I have a future so bright, its blinding !
Hello There, I’m Justine! Justine Avoudikpon to be exact. Say it with me … JUSTINE A-VOU-DI-K-PON. Recall this name because it’s not getting buried anytime soon, but only blooming! My name is complex and I thank God for giving such a differentiated name because that’s just as I am: an unprecedented, incomparable, unique individual. “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high, and we miss it, but that’s its too low and we reach it.” “How can one say, the sky is the limit when there were footsteps on the MOON! “Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star.” I’m aiming high for the moon, not glazing for the STARS! My main aim in life is to surpass; Surpass the previous, presents, and the ones out to be. The moment you meet me, you will know that I am an innovator, and will always aim not to meet, but exceed. My most special quality is my motivation, will-power, and drive; I will never give up….failure is not an option! I’m a Gemini, so my 2 discrete personalities also play a major factor on my road to greatness. From a quiet, nice, sweet girl, expect the unexpected and a drastic change at any moment. The journey in which you are about to take along with me will leave even you striving for greater because never will I accept being “AVERAGE”! This portfolio will give you insights on my personal goals, career packages, educational philosophy, independent study, and so much more that will blow you out the waters. Nothing shall I take for granted, no opportunities will I leave untouched! I will keep fighting every step of the way and with God help, I believe I Will make it to the top; But the fact of the matter is I’m not a person with crazy high self extreme and crazy high dreams, no. no. I’m a person with a past I couldn’t control, who willing to laboriously work to break the regular routine and create a future I can and will control .When you start from the bottom, all you can see and aim for is the TOP. I have a future so bright, it’s blinding, so as you continue along this journey with me remember to have your optimistic shades on! =)
From 7 months in Togo in the hands of my parents to 17 in The United State on the road to graduation ready to concur the WORLD...I came a long way, and I'm only striving to go Higher!
Justine Avoudikpon
Next Step is The World..!!
Exploring The World!!
Going 2 College!!
Travel 2 Netherlands!
Turning 18 in Paris!!
ogo, Africa
Leaving Behind a legacy
Having All A's
Buying a Car!!
Becoming a Management analyst
Mercer University
Keeping my 3.9 GPA
ACT score : 26 !
Getting my bachelor in 4 years!
Majoring in Business Administration
Majoring in Human Resources!!!
Apply to Harvard Business School
Getting my MBA
My Own Business Empire!
House in France
House in California
Travel 2 at least 100 Countries
Being Successful is the MAIN Concern
I'm far from Just ordinary..I'm Justine!
Lets Take a look into my World..My MIND, my GOALS!
Personal Goals
After Senior Year at Charles Drew High School.......
“Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm. - Benjamin Disraeli” My greatest concern in life is not getting to the top or being recognize for the Great job I’m doing ,that the easy part to; but the challenge is maintaining that title and never making the people who thought of me as so regret it! The goals of my last year of high school are to maintain my reputation and not fall short of my responsibilities.
What I Aim to accomplish My senior Year!
Personal Goals
Live up to the leadership positions in the many clubs I'm in such as Vice President of SGA and Vice president of competitive events of FCCLA.
So Close, But So Far Away!
By 2017, I plan to have graduate from a 4 year University, preferably Mercer University with a bachelor in Business in Business Administration and Human Resources.
Graduate College with a 3.5 GPA or higher with honors
After getting my bachelors in 4 years, I plan to apply to Harvard Business School in order to get my MBA.
After my Masters, I hope to to start my international business in France, opening my first Private Childcare institute in France.
Aside from opening my own business, I also hope to be working as a management analyst in the United States
Traveling is my passion and my main plan is to visit at least 100 country in my life time ,so at 5 -10 from now I hope to have concur at least 10 of countries.
Years Beyond....
In 10 years, I would have liked to receive my PhD in organization leadership to be able to get a job as A CEO or Vice President of a major international company which will then allow me to travel around the world while working.
At that point of my life I would like to have visited 10 more countries ,and continue on my goal to visit all 100 countries.
While working, I would also like to expand my own business building 2 more businesses in France and 1 business in Togo ,and give back to the community by building 2 homeless shelter in Togo
At this point, I would also like to have 1 house in France, 1 house in California , and a have build a house on my land in Togo.
After all my success, I would like to then get marry at the age 30, and have 4 kids, 2 of my own, and 2 adopted ones, and from that point on, live a splendid life traveling between the U.S. , France, and Togo with my family.
My favorite word: Spectral, a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum is the only description of my vast dreams and goals. In life, no plan or goals are guarantee, because God’s plan for you may change at any moment but all that I wish and pray for is that with everything
I do it exceedingly.
To be able to go to Togo after visiting France and spend time to connect with family members that I haven't seen in the past 10 years.
Save up enough money to be able to spend a month in France for my 18th birthday and attend my uncle's wedding in Paris.
Advanced to the National FCCLA entrepreneurship competition and place GOLD
Since I have a job as a Pre-k after school teacher, I plan to make a memorable impression on my Students( Which I choose to call my Kiddos!)
Get All A's and Keep my 3.9 GPA or higher!
Receive at least 20 different scholarships by the end of the school year.
Improve on my tennis skills, and If possible to get a Tennis Scholarship to play tennis in College
Be Admitted to Mercer, Penn State, UGA, or Georgetown University
Get Full Academic Scholarship to College
Get Accepted to a top rank University
Obtain the ACT score of a 26
Graduate 2nd or 3rd in the Class of 2013
The world is handed to me...My Goal is to made a positive influence on it, and leave behind a Legacy!
Table Of Contents
Personal Goals
- My immediate, 5years, 10years and beyond goals.
Current Resume/Cover Letter
- My current resume that illustrate my accomplishment
College/Career Package
- My career essay, career assessment results, and 2 scholarships.
Independent Study
-An analyzed of a novel through postmodern british literature
Educational Philosophy
& Personal Soundtrack
- This soundtrack explains and represent experiences, setbacks, successes, and goals i their life.
Conclusion -
Overall Experience
College/Career Package
Educational Philosophy & Personal Soundtrack
Independent Study
Current Resume
Career Assessment Results
Book: 1984 By George Orwell
I choose to read and analyze the book 1984 because I found it quite interesting. . George Orwell,born in 1903 in Motihari, Bengal, in the British colony of India, wrote 1984 as a warning after World War II, with the intention of describing a society that he would never want to live the day to see. George Orwell wrote 1984 to show that all governments were the same. Each and every government has the same goal, to gain power and control, and that was his main reason for writing 1984. By reading George Orwell's 1984 novel, You will see how he feared that a totalitarian society will come true eventually. People may lose their freedom of speech, thoughts and feelings and these may be controlled by a single organization or government. Just like how the society in 1984 is portrayed as where the party monitors every actions and speech of the people and have control of the people physically, emotionally and psychologically. Hence he may be trying to prevent such a situation from happening.
The end of the journey is only the beginning .....
This Journey of my last year in high school was an experience. There was things I was proud of and things I regretted, however at the end of it all all a learning experience will be forever shape my future.This senior exit portfolio also impacted me in many different way by teaching me not only to set goals but live up to those expectations. And from now on I will do just so....
Thank You for viewing my Senior Exit Portfolio
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