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Fanfiction Termonology

No description

Alex Taranto

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Fanfiction Termonology

The classics, popular and shamed
You mean like a Canon?
Like- boom pow?
No, no, no :) I mean

another word for official. Used quite often in fan fiction to differentiate between the official storyline in which the fan fiction is based on. Canon works are works that is either written by the original author, or has been verified by an official of that fandom.
Ex. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a canon work, because it is written by J.K. Rowling.
There are many different types of fanfiction, and here is a short overview of them here;
Fanfiction Terminology
By: Alex Taranto

A definition

Fanfiction (AKA fanfic or fic) is a story based off of a canon media source. Most fanfictions are based off of popular TV shows, movies or books of the time, and are written by fans. Rarely are fanfictions published, or written by the actual author.
What does Noncanon mean?
"A word used by those who write fanfiction. It refers to a idea, storyline, or pairing ect. that was not promoted in the original work the fanfiction was based on. Antonym of canon." - Urban Dict.
Fanfics have different genres, tropes, fandoms and etc.
But, if you listen to this prezi, you will become a fanfiction expert :)

"The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people." - Urban Dictionary

Some examples of Fandoms are:

The Sherlock (BBC) Fandom - Fans: Sherlockians
The Doctor Who Fandom - Fans: Whovians
The Harry Potter Fandom - Fans: Potterheads
The Supernatural Fandom - Fans: SPNers

Some Whovians cosplay at Comic Con.
For a definition of ships, please refer to:


BY: Alex Taranto
Here's the definition anyways, because I think you need it:

A "ship" is a romantic relationship between two (or sometimes three) characters or real people( that's called RPS, but we'll go more into that later). These "ships" are made popular in the fandoms that "ship" identifies with.
Ex. The ship Ron/Hermione is for the Harry Potter fandom

AU ?? What's a "AU"??
AU stands for "Alternate Universe" and is usually
used in fanfiction (It's exception is Star Trek, episode "Mirror Mirror", where we create
). In an AU fanfic, you write a story that has basically the same plot and stuff, but some very important points are changed.

Ex. Voldemort failed killing Harry Potter's parents, and they're still alive.
The Sherlock(BBC) fandom has the most AU's of any fandom,
and also has some of the most obscure ones. You can always tell a
Sherlock AU, because it will have the word "-lock" at the end.
Here are some of the AU's:

Potterlock (Harry Potter - Sherlock crossover)
Tunalock (One of the characters is a tuna)
Teenlock (Sherlock and John are teenagers)
Parentlock (Sherlock and John are parents((They're son is usually named Hamish)))
Greaserlock (Either John or Sherlock are a greaser)
Balletlock (Either John, Sherlock or both take ballet)
Winglock (Either John, Sherlock or both have wings)
Omegalock (Everyone in the world is classified as an alpha, beta or omega)
There are TONS more but I can't list them all. :)
Many fanfiction works are noncanon, because they are not written by the
actual author, or screenwriter that your fandom is based on. But, there are
some fanfiction works that are canon, but go off the storyline. Some examples of these are:

The Tales of Beedle and the Bard - J.K Rowling, Harry Potter
Special Editions - Erin Hunter, Warriors
Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson
Fan + Art = FANART!
Fanart is art of any form, usually electronic or drawn free hand, that uses characters or settings from a popular television show, novel, cartoon, anime, or movie as the subject.
Because there is so much beautiful fanart out there, I have decided
to show you multiple pictures from different fandoms and caption
them so you have an idea of what's going on. :D
The maker of the picture, Reapersun, is a well-known fanartist who's muse is some of her favorite TV shows, the one pictured here; Sherlock.
Here is some Harry Potter fanart, from DeviantArtist HitoFanart. You can find tons of fanart on DeviantArt and on Tumblr.
This Avengers fanart by Gigei is one of many cameos the super hero team (plus Loki) has made on the artists profile.
A Crossover, you know
A crossover, I guess, can be described as an "overlapping", but
it's more complex than that. A Crossover is a fan fiction which incorporates characters, events, places, ideas, etc from another fandom. If the Rainbow Dash and Ron Weasley were to run into each other, this would be a crossover, since they are two separate fandoms merged into one. Crossovers are also denoted sometimes with the word: "xover", the X standing for cross.
Sometimes, fandoms band together in peace to
create a crossover fandom. Other times, fangirls
smush all their fandoms together to create a
SUPER FANDOM!! Some examples of these are;

Potterlock - Harry Potter + Sherlock
SuperWhoLock - Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock
SuperWhoAvengePotterLock - Supernatural + Doctor Who + Avengers + Harry Potter + Sherlock
This is a SuperWhoLock fanart, drawn by Reapersun. This design is
available as a T-Shirt on Redbubble.com
Let's go shopping!
For Fanfiction

Fluff , fluffy fluffy
Fluff is a light fanfiction that makes you feel
warm and... well, fluffy inside. Fluff can be just
a short-story of something cute your favorite characters are doing.
Some good scenarios you can use for writing a Fluff piece are:

Characters going shopping
Characters eating breakfast
Characters watching television
Characters going to a restaurant
Characters eating brunch
Characters going on vacation
This is how most fangirls feel after reading a Fluff piece... like dying of feels. :)
Quite a challenging
Challenge's in fanfiction is to write a fan fiction with a certain, theme, line or idea. If someone says, "See if you can write a story starting with the line ' The people farted in unison'", this is a challenge. Any fiction which answers this is a challenge fic.

A Challenge Fic is any fan fiction which answers a challenge
This is a meme. It has nothing to do with fanfiction, but it looks super cool.
Lending a hand,
Fanfiction Style
Sometimes, fanfiction writers need a little
help from their fellow fans. These helpers
are called Beta Readers. A beta reader is like an editor of fan fiction. This is anyone who is sent a story for the purpose of reading and reviewing a story before it is released to a list or archive so that the author can make improvements to the story before everyone else sees it. These are some of the most helpful and best tools in fan fiction writing. I encourage everyone to seek out a beta reader for every fic they write.

Beta reading is taken very seriously in the world of Fanfiction. Several people have even set up classes to teach people how to beta and some beta readers are so good, writers pay them to edit their writing! Some beta readers don't even beta that much, if you're british, you can help an American writer Britpick their writing. This means that these Britpickers put in British slang and wording to help the fanfic seem more realistic.

Feels.... bad grammar?
Yes, feels is horrible grammar, but there's a reason it's spelled
like that- when you're experiencing "feels" you don't care about
grammar! Feels is a wave of unexpected emotion that, in some
cases, makes you want to explode either with happiness, sadness,
or other-ness. Feels can also be called Fangirling/ boying.
Some side-effects of feels:

Rocking back and forth
Jumping up and down
Smiling extremely wide
This is a meme made from the TV show, Supernatural. That is Crowley. He has a lot of feels.
R.I.P Fanfiction
A Deathfic is a fan fiction which centers around the death of a character. This usually is a fiction about how the other characters cope with the loss.
There are exceptions to this genre. Some of these
exceptions are:

Sherlock - Look up the "Reichenbach Fall"
Doctor Who - Regeneration
South Park - No one ever stays dead for long
Using your new found vocabulary, you can accurately describe that this moment gives you- feels.
Can you comfort me through the
Hurt/Comfort fic or h/c is a fan fiction in which a character is put through a traumatizing experience in order to be comforted.

Ex. Rainbowdash breaks her wing, her friends comfort her with games and stories.
Any other words for a Drabble?
A drabble is a fan fiction that is self contained and is no more than 100 hundred words. A half drabble is a fan fiction of 50 words and a double drabble is a fan fiction of 200 words. OR A drabble can sometimes mean a very short fic that is not exactly 100 words but extremely short, for instance, it is not incorrect to call a 500 word fan fiction a drabble.

Many drabbles can also be called one-shots, which is
a term used in fanfictions to say that there will only be one body of text. (One chapter) One-shots are
great fics to read after reading a very emotional fic (i.e. Alone on the Water).
A general notice about
A Genfic is a fan fiction which does not contain sexual situations. It is fan fiction that would be rated G to PG. It contains no sexual or overly graphic violence and relatively little cursing.

A Pre-slash fanfic is a story which is not strictly adult or strictly about a homosexual relationship but which introduces the possibilities, situations, and circumstances for one to occur.

Ex. Spock and Kirk go on shore leave together and grow closer, as friends or maybe as something more
Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre Series
A fanfiction that's in Pre-series is a story which is about events occurring before the series began.

Ex. A fanfic about James and Lily Potter
before Harry is born.
A salad with a side of
Vignette, please
A Vignette is a piece of fan fiction which is centered on a characters feelings, emotions, experiences, reflections, and thoughts. Usually very short.
Ex. A whole fic just of Stiles (Teen Wolf)thinking about puppies.
UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension Mpreg - Male Pregnacy
OS - Original Series/Old Series Non-con - Non Consent (Assualt)
OOC - Out Of Character POV - Point Of View
OMC - Original Male Character PWP? - Plot What Plot?
OFC - Original Female Character Reclist - List of fanfictions
OC - Original Character RPF - Real Person Fiction
OTP - One True Pairing WAFF - Warm And Fluffy Feeling
AU - Alternate Universe NS - Name Smooshing
AT - Alternate Timeline BrOTP - Bromance
AR - Alternate Reality CS - Crack Ship
A/N - Author's Note GS - Ghost Ship
IC - In Character FemPreg - Female Pregnacy
H/C - Hurt/Comfort GB - Gender Bend
We're so boss we create
our own canon; Fanon
Fanon are things that are not strictly canon, but do not contradict it and are widely accepted by most fans.
Ex. In the Sherlock fandom, if John has a son he is almost always named Hamish, but this is not the case in the ACD books.
Tweet tweet-
Round Robin
Also known as a Collab, a Round Robin is a fan fiction written by several authors either taking turns each writing a part or
together to create a fanfiction.

No, this is not what a fanfiction Round Robin looks like.
Look at how cute
and chubby he is!
Star Trek TOS episode; "Shore Leave"
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