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Time Management

No description

Elizabeth Edwards

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Time Management

What it is
Why we do it
How likely we are to procrastinate
Taking on procrastination through time management
Think of your last big project...
What was it?
Did you procrastinate?
...be honest!
I procrastinate when...
I procrastinate by...
Humans and Time
Why we're bad at time management...
...(and good at procrastination)
Inability to process time
Forget how long things took in the past
Ambitious goals (super-human)
Therefore hard to judge time and allot time
Planning fallacy
Joy of immediate gratification
The (Modern) Human Condition
"External world outstrips our ability to process it"
Sensory overload
Inability to prioritize
Rise of multi-tasking
New, different relationship to time

"The needless, irrational delay of long term, important in favor of short-term reward"...
...and the role of guilt--gnawing feeling that we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing
But I do my best work under pressure!
No, you really don't.
I promise
Likelihood to procrastinate = E x V / I + D
E = expectancy to succeed
V = value of what you're doing
I = impulsiveness
D = gratification vs. delay
Procrastination and the Big Picture
Managing your time
in graduate school

The Big Picture:
Where does grad school fit?

What's the end-goal of grad school?
What are the steps to complete the project?
Where are you in the project?
Time Management: A Transferable Skill
Ability to conceive of, pursue, and complete a project
Can be learned

Break down the larger goal (complete graduate school) into

mid-range, and
long-term tasks.
-From UNL Chemistry Redbook
Create a Backward Calendar
Establish a timeline
Explore your schedule
To Do Lists

Work with your long, mid-range, and short term goals
Break tasks down
Track what to do with blocks of time
Gives you a sense of accomplishment

Understand your priorities
Establish good work practices
Minimize distractions
Make (realistic) goals for your work session
Set a timer

Watch: http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/262919/procrastination-admitting-you-have-a-problem-and-what-to-do-about-it/

Strive for life/work balance
Importance of self-care
Know your limits
Schedule time for you
Foster relationships
In your department
Outside of your department
In the community

Why do people procrastinate?
Our need for immediate gratification:
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