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Application Process

No description

Leah Moore

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Application Process

Applying to College The Application Process Ms. Moore, what's my school?
Ms. Moore, what's my major? Ms. Moore, what do I put for extracurricular activities, community service, and awards and honors? Step 1: Start Your Applications Lonestar, ApplyTexas, CommonApp, GoBaylor Step 2: Choosing a college and a major College of Liberal Arts: Political Science, College of Natural Sciences: Biomedical Science, College of Engineering: Electrical Engineering, College of Business:Finance Step 3: Extracurricular Activities,
Leadership, and Service Jobs, Sports, Performances, Activities, Clubs, Organizations,
Church, and Community Service Ms. Moore, which application do I use? Where do I find my application? Texas Colleges Out of State and Private Colleges Lonestar https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/default.aspx http://www.lonestar.edu/admissions-application.htm https://www.applytexas.org/adappc/gen/c_start.WBX If the college you are applying to does not use the ApplyTexas or the Common Application or if you are unsure whether it does use these applications:
Google the colleges name along with undergraduate or freshman admissions.
Browse their admissions web page. It will tell you how to apply. Liberal Arts Education and Human Development Engineering Natural Science Business History
Political Science
most pre-law students choose a liberal arts major Education
Educational psychology
Health Electrical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Accounting
Information & Operations Management Biology
Math or Statistics
Biomedical Science
Most pre-med students choose a natural science major Extracurricular Activities Community and Volunteer Service Talents, Awards, Honors Employment Sports
Hobbies (through a formal organization) Anything you do outside of school (except hanging out and being a couch potato) DSG hours
Volunteering with your Church
March of Dimes, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, etc National Honor Society
Dedicated Service Graduate
Sports/UIL (State, District,etc)
Contests, Talent Shows, Competitions If you don't know what you want to major in: Ms. Moore, I don't know what I want to major in. For you first choice major, choose something. It can be something that is similar to your WHS career pathway. You can also base your choice on what your favorite subjects are in school or what you get the best grades in.
For your second choice major: choose general studies, if available.
A tip: If you are not going to be automatically admitted, most universities have majors that are harder to get into (usually business and engineering) and easier to get into. So, FOR YOUR SECOND CHOICE MAJOR, choose a major that is less selective (easier to get into).
Don't Panic: you can always change you major once you get there. Any job you have or have had This is a very important part of your application. All things being equal , it can determine whether or not you will be accepted. Colleges want to see this section filled in!
You have done something. Just take some time to think about it.
It doesn't need to be school related. It's OK to be creative. It's not OK to lie. Ms. Moore, what if I don't do anything? Ms. Moore, what if I can't fit everything? Just be sure to include the activities where you held leadership positions, the activities that took up the most time, the activities that require initiative. Essentially you want to keep the activities that appear the most impressive.
Be sure that you fill up ALL of the available space. This is a very important part of your application, so put as much as you can! Ms. Moore, what do I put for the weeks per year and total hours? They want to know how involved you were with this activity or organization.
Just put your best guess. It is OK to estimate. Step 4: Sending your standardized test scores and grades ACT score report, SAT score report, high school transcript Ms. Moore, how do I submit my transcript? Fill out the transcript request form that we gave you in your college applications packet and turn it in to the registrar. Bring $1 per transcript request.
Be sure to send your transcript at least two weeks in advance.
If you need additional transcript request forms, you can get them from the CCC. Ms. Moore, how do I submit my SAT and ACT scores? You can submit your application before you have sent your test scores. However, your application will not be complete until they have received your official test scores.
SAT: you will need to log in to your Collegeboard account and send you scores from there. You can also send your scores on test day.
ACT: you will need to log in to your ACT student account and send you scores from there.
If you do not remember your log in or user name call ACT or Collegeboard. SAT:1-866-756-7346, ACT:319-337-1270 Step 5: Essays Tips: Ms. Moore, how do I write my college essay? Pour your heart out and tell a good story. The essay should be both narrative and persuasive.
The focus should be on you, on what motivates you.
Don't restate your resume. Tell the admissions representatives something they can't learn from your file.
Outline your essay first. The structure and flow of your essay will determine whether it is just a decent essay or whether it is a good essay. Resources https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/get-in/essays
http://www.princetonreview.com/college/essay.aspx Step 6: Paying the Application Fee Application Fee Waivers Go to the appropriate application and create an account Using an application fee waiver Ms. Moore how do I pay my application fee?
Do I qualify for a fee waiver? If you do not qualify for a fee waiver If you are on free or reduced lunch, you qualify for an application fee waiver, so you will not have to pay your application fee.
When you reach the payment options, select pay with a fee waiver. Be sure that you request an application fee waiver. If you do not, your application will not be complete until you do so.
Get your application fee waiver from Dr. Lauderdale or Ms. Moore in the CCC. You will need to pay your application fee with a debit or credit card.
When possible, enter your credit or debit card information to pay the fee.
Be sure that you pay this fee at least a week ahead of the deadline. You cannot submit your application until you do so. REVIEW BEFORE YOU SUBMIT You will not be able to make changes, so be sure your application is the best it can be before you hit submit! Undergraduate If the other school options are unavailable choose undergraduate
If none of these options are available ask Ms. Moore or Dr. Lauderdale for assistance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Step 5: Essays
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