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farahsuke hijou

on 17 October 2012

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ACTION PLOT what happens in the story and the order. - What happens first is discussed; background, setting, characters, etc
- Establish struggle/conflict
- Example:
"Cinderella lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters and is treated poorly. There is going to be a ball, where the prince will choose a bride. Cinderella’s step-family will not allow her to attend" - What leads up to the main problem/conflict; the beginning of ordeals and complications
- Example:
"As the step-family prepares for the ball, Cinderella wishes she may be able to attend. Her fairy godmother comes to her aid and makes it possible for her to attend the ball, but she must leave at midnight. She dances with the prince and it’s a magical moment" - The loose ends are being tied up
- The characters begin/continue to solve the problem.
- Example:
"The prince uses the slipper to find Cinderella. He goes from house to house trying the slipper on every female in the land, searching for the slipper’s perfect fit. He tries the shoe on the stepmother and stepsisters, but it does not fit." CLIMAX -The turning point of the story
-The most intense part of the story, physically or emotionally
- The characters solve the problem.
- Example:
"It is midnight, and Cinderella must leave so she flees from the palace and loses her glass slipper on the steps. The prince is distraught at losing his love and is determined to find her". RESOLUTION - The conclusion,
tying up all the loose ends,
telling how it all ended up
- Example:
"Cinderella tries the slipper and it fits. Cinderella and the prince are reunited and married in the castle. "
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