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Uses of Multimedia in Entertainment

No description

Aime Cano

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Uses of Multimedia in Entertainment

Uses of Multimedia in Entertainment

What is multimedia ?
From 1455 to present time Multimedia has developed into an almost worldwide used form of media. Multimedia is a variety of things from audio, video, animation, and interactive features. Multimedia can be accessed through computers and electronic devices and brings different forms of media together. Multimedia is used a massive amount in entertainment and art by audio, video, and animation.
Special Effects and 3D Animation
Multimedia takes up an important role in entertainment one specific way it is used in special effects. In special effects multimedia is in charge of VFX and 3D animation. In VFX or visual effects in other words is integration of live action footage and involve imaginary environments that appear to be realistic but would be impossible or too expensive and dangerous to capture on film. During VFX tools such as graphic design, modeling, and animation are used at full effect. A visual effect supervisor is involved from an early stage and works up closely with production and film director’s design to come up with the desired effects. In 3D animation is referred pictures that move. In multimedia 3D animation is used by programmers. These programmers use shapes, surface textures, lighting, perspective, depth of field and anti-aliasing to make 3D animation effects as realistic as possible
In audio multimedia is used to enhance multimedia applications. For example, audio can be used to deliver audio lectures over the web. Music is used to add interest and emotion to a presentation. The most simple way why we use audio in multimedia is to provide an interface for visually disabled users. This is not the only reason why though, another reason why it is use is to offer an extra advantage like add a sense of realism or give the effect of 3D sound.
3D animation
Special Effects
VFX(live action visual effects)
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