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How do we know when things are working?

No description

Cherish Watton

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of How do we know when things are working?

How do we know when things are working?
An introduction to Evaluation
- To understand why we evaluate
- To understand how these can be integrated into your projects.
- To try out a variety of evaluation methods
What is
Evaluation is the process of obtaining information

and using it to come to some conclusions

which will be used to take decisions.
is it for?
To change, improve and prove
To learn
To motivate
To participate
To plan better
To celebrate achievements
To consolidate
To check we met interests of funders
To reinforce
co-operation with partners
What does good evaluation look like?
Uses different approaches, methods and theories

Combines quantitative and qualitative approaches

Looks at the whole process of the project from different points of view

Prioritises the most valuable information

3 types of evaluation
Q & Q Quiz
How do we know when things are working?
Aims Outcomes Success Indicators

In A Project
Order the brown cards (steps of evaluation)
Match yellow description cards to each stage.
Match purple questions cards to each stage of the evaluation.

There are going to be 4 stations around the room lasting 10 minutes each.

At every station there will be:-

Summary Card
Resources needed for the activity
Set of axis
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