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Orr Shalom's journey with crowdfunding

No description

Tamar Lazarus

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Orr Shalom's journey with crowdfunding

If we don't raise
, the Reut Home for Boys
will close
Be Specific
Ten children
urgently need a place at Safe Haven
summer camp
Find a Matching Grant
your $100, is worth $200
to save Reut Home for boys
to send 10 children to summer camp
to save babies
in need
to give start up
packs to new children
How did we get there???
lessons we learnt along the way...
We need to raise
by the
end of July
of our most at-risk children will
not be able
to go
to our summer camp...
and they have
nowhere else to go
This winter
we need to provide start up packs for
50 children
new in our care
matched the first $8,500 donated
'Keren Summer' matched the first $21,000 donated
...it's a great accelerator
Choose Great Champions
10 year old boy running 10k
in tribute...
babies in need
children at-risk
Choose Strong Campaign Subject
Israel in need
children in the South in rocket range
Use Your Customer Support
Use videos/flashfiles instead of pictures - plus easy sites to use
Best times of day to send out email blasts
How to use the 'blue box' to your best advantage

on the best payment providers
Best subjects for your email blasts that won't go to spam
Themes you can capitalize on e.g. birthdays, races...
and more...they have the best advice and experience so USE THEM (they are very nice!)
Be Urgent
Bat Mitzvah twins
Go Viral
Keep blasting it out to the world using all means available....
Email Blasts
Donate your email signatures
Anyone Can Do It
Follow these tips (and anything else your customer support team tell you)
and you too can create successful campaigns
a volunteer in one of our homes
...and their nuggets of wisdom
Orr Shalom's Journey with crowdfunding
Watch the Impact
Give2gether campaigns awaken existing donors and attract new ones
Saving babies campaign
Saving the Reut Home
Sending 10 children
to camp
British Friends matched last $5,000 needed to finish campaign
Tamar Lazarus, June 2014
to send 50 children
to Pesach Safe Haven Camp
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