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Rachel Cooke

on 11 February 2017

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Transcript of RFTLOI 2016

"They're Not Talking": Structures to Support Rich Sustained Discussions
Rachel Cooke
Instructional Leader: English/Literacy
Toronto District School Board
AQ Instructor: Senior English & Honour Specialist English OISE/UT
Author of: MacGraw- Hill
iLit- Remix: A Revolution of Text Forms
iSkills- Constructing Meaning: Skills for Understanding Contemporary Texts
Teacher Guide Material

“Reading and writing float on a sea of talk.”
Our first literacy is oral, listening & speaking. As a result our vocabulary and understanding of structures for listening and speaking are often larger than for reading or writing our second and third literacies in our first language.

Graham Nuthall
“The Cultural Myths and Realities of Classroom Teaching and Learning: A Personal Journey”
Differentiated Book Club Paradigm
Choosing a text: Sign it & Rate it
Personal Reading Remote
As you read the text
in a small group (2-3),
orally annotate it with
the personal reading remote
James Britton in Talking to Learn p. 6
Accountable Talk:
Extended, intentional consideration of a topic, which stimulates higher-order thinking, helping students learn, reflect on their learning and communicate their knowledge and understanding. It includes focusing on a topic & purpose, attending to listener’s needs, seriously responding to and building on what others say, giving evidence to support point of view.
TDSB Expected Practices; Literacy p. 6

Informal /Unrehearsed Talk
The conversations which occur spontaneously throughout the learning day. Skills include expressing opinions, identifying & solving problems, expressing & clarifying thoughts & feelings, asking questions, comparing & sharing experiences, generating ideas, connecting learning to their own & other’s experiences.
TDSB Expected Practices; Literacy p. 5

Worlds That Affect
Learning in the Classroom
"public" world of the teacher -
tell & show
"social" world of peers -
"personal" world of student -
read the excerpts posted on the wall
initial each as you read
rate each text from 1-4
return to your favourite text,
discuss why you chose it and
predict what might happen in the text
How does it get them talking?
differentiated content = choice
honours social interaction
accountability through signing and voting with your feet
Adaptation: Reading Remote Manual
How does it get them talking?
familiarity with concept of a remote
applies reading strategies in an novel manner
it is what real readers do when they read- authenticity
Dedicated to Victory Jones
Dec. 8, 1965-Jan. 23, 2016

a TDSB leader and champion for student's voice & choice through differentiated book club

Write & Turn Placemat
In groups of 4, individually read the text facing you and respond in writing to the text.
Ask a question, make a connection, inference or prediction, visualize.
When everyone has finished writing, turn the paper to the right, read the text , what your colleague has written and write a response.
Repeat two more times until you have read each text, what others have written and recorded your own response.
Read the entire written conversation.
Ask questions of each other for clarification.
Discuss and record your synthesized thoughts about rich discussions.
How does it get them talking?
supported thinking and writing takes place before talking
positive social pressure to participate
taps into the social work of peers
I expect the main
character will...
Explicit Teaching to Support Book Club Paradigm
Thank you for attending this session .
Contact me at rachel.cooke@tdsb.on.ca

Enjoy the rest of Reading for the Love of It!
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