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What's Special about Nonfiction?

features and characteristics of nonfiction reading and writing

Mary Dunagan

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of What's Special about Nonfiction?

What's Special about Nonfiction? Types of Nonfiction Characteristics of Nonfiction Reading Strategies for Nonfiction Writing Strategies for Nonfiction 5 Most Common Nonfiction Text Structures Nonfiction is different from a fairy tale, storybook, or novel The purpose of nonfiction is to inform, describe, or report based on facts Chapter titles and section headers that preview information
Table of Contents Index Glossary Maps, charts, diagrams Captions or labels New Vocabulary Review Table of Contents for the types of information found in the book Read the titles to know what each section will be about Look for the bold words that will appear in the glossary Read important information that is placed in boxes Look at the photographs or drawings Read the captions and labels on diagrams,
drawings, charts, and graphs Conduct research to gain information on the topic Organize information Description
Comparison and Contrast
Cause and Effect
Problem Solution Which type of nonfiction book will you choose?
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