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No description

Sabah Shekhi

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of 5S

The 5Ss
What is 5S?
5S is a systematic approach to cleaning, organizing, and maintaining a work area.
It was originated by Toyota, and is a foundation of the Toyota Production System.
It stands on the premise that a clean and highly organized work area is a safe and efficient workplace, with little waste.
5- Sustain
3- Shine
Creating a Safe, Clean, Organized and Efficient Workplace
2-Set in Order
Set in Order
the process of classifying items as Necessary or Unnecessary and removing all none-needed items from work area.
the process of arranging your workplace in a logical way so that all necessary items are labeled and placed in a location that will minimize wasted motion.
The act of thoroughly cleaning and enhancing the appearance of the workplace. This can be done by sweeping & dusting, deep cleaning, painting where necessary and improving lighting.
the creation of guidelines & processes to maintain the first 3Ss and make the standards visual and obvious.
prevents the work area from going back to its original, unclean, and organized state.
Everyone knows the level of expectation for their given work area.
to make a habit of properly maintaining correct systems and procedures and through involvement of people and the integration of a performance measurement system.
Time - Ensure enough time to complete 5S activities.
Commitment - Top down commitment to 5S and visual workforce.
Continuous Improvement - always look to make improvements to work area.
5S- "A place for everything and every thing has its place".
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