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How Volunteering Saved The World (Or how you can make an impact and enjoy it.)

No description

NUHSA Organization

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of How Volunteering Saved The World (Or how you can make an impact and enjoy it.)

If you could change some aspects of your last volunteer experience, what would you change?
This could be you.
"I never thought volunteering one summer would change my life."
Today and Beyond, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Unlimited Options
What is a volunteer?
So where you do start?
Things to keep in mind...
In case you forgot...
Our Experiences
What are you naturally good at?
Treat it like a job
. This organization is counting on you to be there when you say you will and on time.

As a volunteer, you have
! Speak up if something seems wrong.

about how many hours you can give- don't over (or under) commit.
Online Resources
Volunteer opportunities vary as much as the job market.

Volunteers are needed for anything from building a house and gardening, to creating a website and answering phones.

The large number of options can be overwhelming, but there is hope!
Yes, you are making a difference.
This is your chance to write it all down.
Or how we ended up where we are today.
Have a passion?
There's an organization for that.
How Volunteering Saved The World!
(Or how you can make an impact and enjoy it.)

The End.
Thank You.
A volunteer is simply someone who willingly gives their time without compensation.

St. Francis Clothing Bank and the boy in the suit
Centro Latino and an unexpected mentor
Tacoma Art Museum and building exhibits as well as experience
The internship before VISTA
We are a network of human service agencies and nonprofits in North King County
We regularly post volunteer opportunities in the human services field on social media
What are your goals in volunteering?
What do you do in your free time?
Work your website/blog?
Go on hikes?
Talk to everyone and anyone?
Are you a people person?
Do you love to organize?
Do you get people to take action?
Ask your:
Religious organization
Local YMCA
Favorite museum
Local library
How do you act on it?
Do you want to:
Expand your skill set?

Network for employment?

Expand/enrich your social life?

Learn more about a cause?

Support a cause you love?
Keep Calm and Carry On!
Take a personality test! Look for Myers-Briggs, SCOPE, or Enneagram quizzes for free online.
United Way's Volunteer Solutions:
Volunteer Match
This could be you!
Tutoring in France
Volunteer Local
Campfire USA:
Starting with what I knew and last-minute volunteering
When Nickelsville moved into my backyard
Street Youth Ministries:
Out of my comfort zone into an amazing experience
Forming a community service club:
Sharing my passion
Talk to NUHSA
Start with what you know
Volunteering is saying yes to a cause and taking action. It should be something you care about and are willing to take time to do.

Have a goal as well as an open mind and the possibilities are
Let the conversation begin
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