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Ashley Ellis

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of 03.04 FREE FROM FEAR

English 2 By Ashley Ellis 1/22/15
The two texts I will be presenting in a compare and contrasting essay is “THE FOUR FREEDOMS” by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Welcoming Remarks by President Obama to Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom, which is about the freedom of Life.
"The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They want equality of opportunity for youth and for others, jobs for those who can work, security for those who need it, the ending of special privilege for the few, and the preservation of civil liberties for all." - Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin's speech was written during World War 2 that addressed the countries issues that the war brought about. He says that the people and government should work together, and that he promises to fulfill his duty as president, and also encourages the people in their part to deal with the situation at hand. He is assuring the people that their country has come through the hard times its faced and that it will recover and that when we start to think about the times we are in; in a state of shock and the only way our country will get out of that shock is to stop being afraid, and finally there is no good excuse or reason to stop moving forward.
In Obama's brief speech (from my lesson) is telling you that everyone should live a life free from fear. He address all the mother's and wishes them a Happy Mother's Day. He then states, "We stand together and we work together and we bleed together and we build together, in good times and in bad, because when we do, our nations are more secure, our people are more prosperous, and the world is a safer and better and more just place. [We seek] security and prosperity…not only for our own citizens, but for people around the world..." That quote alone is enough to lift and ignite a fire in the spirits of the people who he is addressing (I know it did for me) because he is addressing the Americans as well as Europe, and everyone around the world but also because we have to stand together and when we do we bleed together and that makes this country better as well as others around it.
In both of these speeches they are addressing the issue of fear, they address men, women and children, they give reasons for their speech, they both relay information about what happened in the past with our country, they both say that everyone is equal, and that the nation will fights for its beliefs and values of the people. These speeches were spoken in different time periods; Franklin's speech was spoken in 1941 during World War 2 and Obama's in 2013 confirming an alliance with the Prime Minister of Europe (as you can tell they both had different reasons for writing their speeches). They also both tell of these values; the values that have shaped our nation and how we got there. The man value is freedom; freedom to have and choose our religion (which I am grateful for), freedom to give our opinions, and the freedom to do what we think our government should do. These speeches help the people stay confident in what our country is trying t do and inspire us to go further in our advancements to make sure everyone knows how valuable they are.
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