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How does language affect culture?

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Mariano Diaz Rivera

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of How does language affect culture?

Different cultures and language
A culture is also shaped by where it is located. A city near the ocean does not have the same customs and the same language as one in the interior of a country.
Geographical Location
Part of a culture is also determined by the immigrants and tourism of the location. If many foreigners come to a town or city, the people will have a more diverse culture. Learning more than one language may be part of that culture.
Multinational culture
Religion may limit a persons language or the way they speak due to the blief system its based on.
Techonolgy and social media over stimulation
Social medias have also had an impact on how we talk and communicate. Slang words and inprproper words have become part of our language more than ever, specially in younger generations.
Social media culture
How does language affect culture?
What is culture? culture is shared, transmitted through learning, and helps shape behavior and beliefs.
The language that we speak and the words that we use in it are determined by the culture we each belong to.

It is not the nationality that determines what we say or how we communicate, but our
The excess use of phones and tablets for communication has really had a negative effect on our language. Communication now a days seems to be less intimate and really limits our vocabulary.
The Year 2006
By the time we reached 2006, cell phones, computers and other technological devices had just begun to peak. There were:
158 billion text messages sent out
1.7 trillion cell phone minutes used
233,041, 000 people with cell phone plans
12 million Facebook accounts
171 million Skype Accounts
140 million land line phones
Now let us take a look at what occurred just four short years later.
The Year 2010
2.5 trillion text messages sent out
2.2 trillion cell phone minutes used
303 million people with cell phone plans
500 million Facebook accounts
560 million Skype accounts
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