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The Afterlife <3 By: Gary Soto


rebeca gutierrez

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of The Afterlife <3 By: Gary Soto

The Afterlife
By: Gary Soto Setting- the setting of this story takes place mostly outside in the streets of Fresno, California. Summary- the plot of this story, is about a senior at East Fresno High School named Chuy. He enters the restroom at a club before attending his dance. Moments after he enters the restroom, a man with yellow shoes stabs Chuy with a knife near the heart. Therefore, this incident causes a scare in Chuy's community. Police began to investigate on who murdered Chuy in the restroom. Throughout the story, Chuy gets introduced into the afterlife. At first, Chuy didn't believe he was really a ghost, untill he found his dead body lying inside the restroom. In fact, he visits his murderer's house to see what he does for a living. Instantly, Chuy develops a sense of hatred for his killer. Later on, Chuy meets a woman named Crystal, in which he also develops emotions for her. Crystal was a woman who commited suicide in her car, and recently got introduced into the afterlife. Basically, Chuy and Crystall start to walk around town to visit the places they never been to before. For example, Chuy visits an Oakland Raiders football game. On the other hand, Chuy starts to develop a sense of emotion, so he decides to visit his family at their home. As Chuy visited his family, he starts to go through an emotional breakdown because he misses them. After visiting the places Chuy wanted to visit, he starts to realize that his body is starting to fade away every day. With Chuy knowing this, he decides to make the best of his presence. Characters-

Chuy- Chuy is the main character in this book. His role of the book is experiencing the afterlife.

Crystal- Crystal is a women, and she plays an important role in Chuy's life.

Yellow Shoes- Yellow Shoes is the man who killed Chuy. Chuy's murderer's name is "Yellow Shoes," because that's what Chuy began to call him.

Fausto- Fausto is the "boss" of Chuy's murderer. Fausto gives yellow shoes orders. I would recommend this book to people who like non-fiction and fiction at the same time. Although this book is fiction, at times it can seem like a non-fiction book. All in all, I would certainly recommend it. Quote from text- "The guy next to me, the one with the yellow shoes, worked an arm around my throat, snakelike, and with his free hand plunged a knife into my chest. He stuck me just left of my heart, right where I kept an unopened pack of Juicy Fruit gum-I had intended to sweeten my breath later when I got Rachel alone."
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