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Note taking

Some suggestions on how to take notes with some images of actual note taking from Einstein, da Vinci and Darwin.

Steph Gilchrist

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Note taking

Note taking What are the ways I could take notes? Well you could draw a mind map.... Notes are for yourself...simple memory joggers Darwin Jot and Dot > Simply bullet point the important bits.

> Use key words and ideas.

> Leave out all those little words Things that might help Use a double page spread

Write small It's important, so how can I do it? Some of the best minds in the world wrote notes. They may only make sense to the writer. Leonardo Da Vinci Einstein Draw images or doodles if it helps you understand Use visual flags Bold, capital letters, underlining, asterisk,
stars, circle, bullet points...whatever works for you Write in your own words And try to make connections They are your notes Remember ...

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