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Ashes Book Review

No description

Midori Williams

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Ashes Book Review

Book Review
This book is set in the present. It starts in late September but time passes quickly as the book progresses. This book takes place mostly in Waucamaw, Michigan in the Wilderness. Also in a town called Rule.
Alex-a strong willed and independent orphan. She had cancer in her brain before "The Zap"
Ellie-an 8-year old who's father is dead and mother ran away. She is bitter towards Alex at first but then they learn to work together.
Tom-a young man who was in the military before he came to Michigan to take a break. He and Alex become very close as they fight to survive.
Always stay close to your friends especially during any kind of crisis.
The central or main conflict in this story is that everywhere in the world their are "Zombies" or "The Changed" who are hungry for anything with meat, including humans. They're also are smart and learn to use tools and weapons which causes some problems for many characters in the story.
Text Connection
I made a text to text connection. In the book Ashes Alex the main character talks about how she has cancer. In The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder the main character also has cancer. In both books the main characters are close to death due to cancer and they don't really care. They have accepted there deaths unlike some around them such as their families.
By Ilsa J.Bick
Midori Williams
The Plot
Alex is in Michigan away from her Aunt. She is an orphan who has cancer in her brain. While she is in the Waucamaw Wilderness hiking, camping, and surviving she comes across Jack and Ellie. Then the electromagnetic pulse strikes and Jack dies.
Rising Action

Ellie and Alex try to find out what's happening and attempt to stay alive. Then Tom finds them and he helps them survive and understand what's going on. They find a ranger's station and stay there.
Ellie is taken as they head to Canada. Then Tom is attacked and Alex has to head to Rule by herself to get him help. When her and some guards from Rule go to look for Tom he is gone.
Falling Action
Alex lives/is kept in Rule and worries about Tom and Ellie but slowly comes to term with there absence. Then on a dying boy that is brought into the hospice she finds her whistle that Ellie had. Alex believes Ellie is still alive.
Alex decides to run away from Rule. She is helped but soon finds out she is only bait for Chris to break the rules of Rule. She also finds out that Rule is feeding the people they banish to 'The Changed' on the outskirts of Rule.
I would definitely give this book a thumbs up it was very interesting to read what could happen in a post apocalyptic situation. Though it could get very gory at times it was very believable and I enjoyed all the twists and turns in the book. It ended with suspense which made me want to read the sequels.
"Of course, the tumor was cancerous and inoperable" (Bick 12)
The Probability of Miracles
"The PET scan had showed Cam's skeleton shimmering like a Christmas tree with glowing nodules of cancer draped around her center like a garland of lights" (Wunder 27).
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