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Freshmen/Sophomore Parent Night

No description

Yolanda Chamberlain

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Freshmen/Sophomore Parent Night

Ms. Angel Paxton - Principal AdmInIstratIon ThIngs you should know 200 hours are needed for graduation CoMmunIty ServIce Hours November 1,2012 Welcome to Freshmen/Sophomore Parent NIght GraduatIon RequIrements for the
DIstInguIshed AchIevement Program (DAP) Mrs. C. Thompson Assistant Principal
Mrs. Y. Chamberlain Counselor GraduatIon RequIrements * Must obtain 4 advanced measures for DAP and score a level III in Algebra II (4080) and a level III in English III - Reading (2135) and Writing (2155) Recommended High School Program

Third Credit of a Foreign Language (Spanish)

4 Advanced Measures (B or better in a college course)

Must meet Advance Academic Performance in English III reading (2135) and writing (2155) and Algebra II (4080)EOC STAAR Performance Standards If a student earns a Level I score he/she will retest until a Level II score is achieved.

If a student earns a Level II score, he/she can retake the test to try to earn a Level III score.
DIfference between STAAR and TAKS The STAAR will be “significantly more rigorous” than TAKS;
The STAAR will have greater emphasis on alignment to college and career readiness
Will measure student performance and academic growth
Content will be course specific not cumulative.
Students will be asked to do more complex work.
Emphasis on applying new learning in multiple ways.
Students will write more.
Students will be timed – for the 1st time ever. Effects on CredIt Scores on high school STAAR/EOC assessments
will count as 15% of a student’s grade in the
course (2012-2013 and beyond)

The final grade for a course will be calculated by averaging the grade for the first semester with the grade from the second semester to make up 85% and the EOC will count as 15% of the final grade.

(S1 + S2) X 85% + [EOC x 15%]
Each student MUST still earn the designated cumulative score on the end-of-course (EOC) exams as part of his/her graduation requirements. Freshmen-- English 1 – Reading and Writing, Biology, World Geography and Algebra 1 or Geometry

Sophomores -- English 2 -- Reading and Writing, Chemistry, World History and Geometry or Algebra II (must earn a level III (4080) for DAP)

4 hour time limit to complete each exam

STAAR Please be aware that starting this school year, any first time freshman Cohort 2016 who does not attain six credits for sophomore status by the end of the school year, will not continue on at Early College High School for the next school year. Instead, students with less than six credits will automatically attend on Accelerated Program at KEYS Academy starting in August 2013. This Accelerated Program will allow students who have fallen behind the opportunity to “catch-up” to his/her peers in a smaller academic setting. ATTENTION!!! Access to view your student’s:


Class work

Report cards/Progress reports

E-mail links to classroom teachers

Sign-up with Mrs. Gomez in the registrar's office (picture ID required) PARENT ACCESS CENTER PSAT-What is it?
Preliminary SAT Exam
Firsthand Practice for the SAT Reasoning Test
Measures the same areas as the SAT Reasoning Test
Critical Reading, Math Problem-Solving, Writing Skills
Qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program, National Hispanic Scholar Program, National Achievement Scholars program.
Available for 10th - 11th grade, 11th grade results “count” towards scholarship contest. PSAT/NMSQT A student is eligible for automatic admission to a Texas Public College or University if the applicant has earned a grade point average in the top 10%. However, please note that the University of Texas at Austin is an exception to this rule in that UT is not required to offer admission to applicants who qualify for automatic admission in excess of the number required to fill 75% of their enrollment capacity. Top 10 % Dual Enrollment/Articulated Courses
Opportunity to earn college hours while still in high school through dual enrollment
ALL students enrolled at ECHS must be working towards a 60 hour degree per TEA definition.
Texas Scholars’ Program
Must graduate under the RHSP or DAP
Must complete at least 2 courses eligible for college credit.
Tech Prep Scholars
Same as Texas Scholars program requirements.
Complete the high school portion of a 6 or 8 year plan of study including a sequence of 2 or more Career Technology Education courses for 3 or more credits. College CredIt OpportunItIes & RecognItIons What does GPA stand for?
Grade Point Average (GPA)
How can I raise my GPA?
Improve grades
Enroll in PAP/AP and dual enrollment classes
How can Pre-AP/AP and Dual Enrollment Courses help my GPA?
They are weighted on a 5.0 scale Frequently Asked QuestIons Community Service logs can be found on ECHS website click on
For Students For more information log on to
http://www.tea.state.tx.us/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147506326 TestIng DATES sophomores
English I Reading - December 4, 2012
English I Writing - December 3, 2012
Algebra I - December 5, 2012
Algebra II - December 11, 2012 ANY STUDENT IN COLLEGE ALGEBRA
World Geography - December 6
Biology - December 7
December 10-14, 2012 Make up Tests
TUTORING - Tuesday 3:45 - 5:45/Saturday 10-12 (Mandatory)
English II - Writing - April 3, Reading - April 4
Makeup – April 5, 2013
Math, Science, Social Studies – May 6th - 17th
FRESHMEN English I - Writing April 1, Reading April 2, Makeup – April 5, 2013

Math, Science, and Social Studies - Testing Window May 6th - 17th
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