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Walter dean myers prezi

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Brandon Wright

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Walter dean myers prezi

Walter Dean Myers Books
That You Should Read Walter Dean Myers Is One of the best book writers I have herd in a while. his books Are very interesting to me and can relate to other peoples lives. his books have a lot of violence in it and gangs and A lot of us can relate to that because we live in East Harlem and there is a lot of gang violence and gun violence around here. Walter Dean Myers Walter Dean Myers life Things I like About the Walter dean Myers books The things I like about his book is that his books are very interesting and some things that he has in his books i see in my everyday life and people can relate to what happens in his books and that's why i think his books are so interesting and why people love reading his books. Main Idea
Deception The reason i picked deception is because in the book fighter the guy uses deception on his family to make money illegally so he could pay the bills and keep his family from being thrown on the street.
In the book Shooter the kid uses deception on his friends to do bad crimes with him that could get them put in jail. By. Brandon Wright Walter Dean Myers Walter Dean Myers is a writer of children's and young adult literature. Walter Dean Myers was born in West Virginia in 1937 but spent most of his childhood and young adult life in Harlem. He was raised by foster parents and remembers a happy but tumultuous life while going through his own teen years. The things I found Interesting About The Book fighter What i found interesting about the book fighter is that the guy lied to his family to make a illegal money fighting in boxing rings beating his self up just to put food on the table and pay the bills.
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