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Connecting Crusaders: My Brother Sam Is Dead Culminating Pro

No description

Tianrui Li

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Connecting Crusaders: My Brother Sam Is Dead Culminating Pro

Connecting Crusaders
Created By Tianrui Li
My Brother Sam Is Dead
Culminating Project

People Chose Their Side Based On Families Value And Beliefs.
People That Were Neutral Wanted To Just Life And Be Left Alone
The Enlightenment Is The Driving Force Behind Sam
The American Revolution Divided Families, Towns, Cities, Etc.
The True Cost of the War
How It Relates To Novel...
Tim's family is one of the several families that was divided and torn apart in the American Revolution. Sam is a loyal Patriot that has made a promise with his friends that he will fight until they had won. However Life was a Loyalist and sided with the King because he didn't want to be entangled with the war. Susannah also sided with Life, while Tim doesn't know what to believe. At the end of the story, Tim's family is basically destroyed with Life having died on a British prison ship and Sam gets executed for "stealing" his own family's cattle.

The town of Redding is also divided. If you notice in the story, there is a Patriot's side and a Tory's side. The Patriots are people of the town like Betsy's family, Ned, and Colonel Read. The Tories are people like Susannah, Life, and Mr. Beach. There are also people like Mr. Heron, who is like a double agent.
In Real Life ...
Tim's family wasn't the only family that was divided like this during the American Revolution. During this time, Americans were forced to divided into Tories and Patriots once war with England had began and even before the war started.

Sometimes families were lucky and all believed in being a Tory or a Patriot. Most of the times it was because they all lived in the North or all lived in the South. The Northern colonies were mostly Patriots since the news of Boston and the Intolerable Acts placed on it, along with the fact that most of the North didn't have a reason to agree with England. In the South, the farmers profited greatly from selling tobacco and other cash crops to England. However those are some reason why all believe in being Patriots or all being Tories.

However most families, town, and cities all split because of various reasons from precious family members getting killed in action from an opposing belief that causes you to switch sides or any inanimate objects, like your house getting burned down by the opposing blie
From The Text...
“Mr. Beach shook his head. “I think men of common sense will prevail. Nobody wants rebellion except fools and hotheads.

“That’s not what they say in New Haven, sir,” Sam said. “They’ll have us in war yet.”

Finally my father lost his temper and slammed his hand down on the table, making the plates jump. “I will not have treason spoken in my house, Sam!” "
-Pg. 10

This quote from novel clearly shows that Life and Sam are on opposing sides and are causing Tim's family to diverge into two with Life obviously shown to be a Loyalist that doesn't want his patriotic son to speak treason against the King of England.
How It Relates To Novel...
Some people decided to choose their side based on their families values and beliefs. Throughout, this book you will find many people who fit this category.

One of them is Ezekiel and the rest of his family members. The reason why is because he has never been subjected to anyone who has believed in the Patriot's side and has only listened to what his Father has to say and becomes a Tory because his father is a Loyalist as well, who would obviously talk about the cons of the Continental's cause.

Betsy could be another person like Ezekiel. One reason is I don't think that her entire family being Patriots and her being a Patriot is because she just wants to be one. It's probably because her family convinced her to become one and with Sam also being a Patriot, there is more of a reason to become a Patriot.
From The Text...
"Are you a Loyalist?” I asked.

“Of course. Aren't you?”

“I guess so,” I said. “Only sometimes I’m not sure. Sam’s fight for the Rebels, did you know that?" "

-Pg. 36

This conversation between Ezekiel and Tim shows exactly what I mean because Ezekiel is confident in his answer that he is a Tory, while Tim is sort of diverged and not so sure about his answer since he has to decide between his father and Sam. Meanwhile, Ezekiel doesn't have any other relatives that are with him a lot to convince him to become a Patriot.
In Real Life...
Some people chose their sides based on what their families believed and because they didn't know much about the war to argue with their other family members. A person may also have relatives on one side and relatives on the other and may choose between one of them sometime in the war, unlike Tim.

Family members of foreigners that don't want to get involved in the war and neutral people may just do what they normally do since they are influenced by the people who are neutral. They would just live how they usually live and make a living.

German mercenaries called Hessians hired by the British may have been forced to help the British because their families needs the money that the British will be paying back as a reward.
How It Relates To Novel...
There were also several people that didn't want war and wanted nothing to do with it and just live their lives.

One of the main supporting characters that wanted to this to be true was Life and he didn't want anything to do with the war from the start of the war. He just wanted to continue living his life as a tavern owner and doesn't understand the goal of the Patriots for the war and has experienced the horrors of war already.

Susannah was another person that wanted the war to end, but her feelings about that weren't really expressed as much as 'till the end. She already suffered from the War enough as her husband has died and her eldest son has also been executed.

Betsy was other person that wanted the war to be over at the end because she wanted Sam to come back and not get himself be reckless and get killed in the war, which ultimately did happen as it foreshadows by the title.
From The Text...
"Free? Free to do what, Sam? Free to mock your King? To shoot your neighbor?. To make a mess of thousands of lives? Where have you been getting these ideas?""
- Pg. 11

This conversation between Life and Sam shows that Life doesn't understand the reason for why the Patriots want to fight the British and that because of that he is technically a Loyalist that is neutral and just wants the war to end.

He even later tells Sam that he has seen war that Sam doesn't know and because of that reason as well, he doesn't want to become involved with war again and just wants to make his living as he said to the cowboys as well. However, in the end, he becomes entangled with the war and dies because of that.
In Real Life...
In the beginning of the war, several people were neutral, especially the South, and just wanted to live their lives out and there was a few population of Americans that were both Loyalists or Patriots. French and foreign countries also didn't want to get involved, seeing that America barely has a chance against the greatest force on America at that time.

However, as the war dragged on, and more Americans got killed and more farms got burned, more Americans began to become Patriots and resented the British and less people became neutral.

After the Battle of Saratoga and the amazing American victory, the French and other European powers that despised the British saw that there might be a chance and sent troops to help America defeat the British, which later became true.

However some people were neutral all the way until the end.
How It Relates To Novel...
Sam originally joined the Continentals because most of his friends from Yale University had decided to go fight for the Patriots. This causes Sam to go as well and to get some adventure.

However, after he joins, Sam finds out why his friends are so determined to fight. His friends are angry at the British for disrupting their peace and giving them such little say in Parliament that they all sign up to fight against the British until they are defeated. This gets Sam riled up and he also joins this promise to fight against the British until the British lost. This disturbance in the Enlightenment causes Sam to want freedom from Britain give him his driving force to continue to fight the British. His hunger for adventure also gives him his strength as well, even from the harshest times without shaving or enough food and supplies.
In Real Life...
The Enlightenment was a period of time that new ideas came up and people had new ways of thinking. Religions and tradition were formed and new science was found quickly. Government system in the states different from any others in Europe blossomed. These systems and new ideas came quickly while Britain just let the American colonies grow. However after the French & Indian War, British troops stayed in the American colonies and didn't give the American colonies get much say and gave them higher taxes to pay off the debt of the French & Indian War that was said to be paid off by the British.

This caused rioting and several events from the Boston Tea Party of the Americans dressing up as Native Americans that dumped the tea off the ship to people creating the Sons of Liberty and the Daughters of Liberty that riot against the King and England.

This eventually turns into the Revolutionary War or the American Revolution and gives Americans hope and the advantage against the British.
In Real Life...
War is a deadly, destructive thing and costs more than twenty or thirty thousands casualties. It also costs a lot of money for the supplies, the soldiers and the cost to reconstruct everything from the scraps that it turns into after war. Also families are ripped apart and could never be glued together again.

Besides even if though America wins the war, who will protect it like Britain had, who will keep peace and order, and who will America trade with. Britain won't exactly be our friends right after the war as well.

America must also go through an age of
How It Relates To Novel...
At the end of the story, only half of the Meeker family is still standing after Sam's execution with Life having died on the British prison ship and Sam getting executed for "stealing" his own family's cattle. Many families get torn up like the Meeker family with only some remaining and the other half dead.

As you could see during the end of the story, Susannah always talked about how the soldiers of both the British and Continentals were becoming beasts now and it was from the war. It's partly true to my opinion because soldiers are now sort of crazy from the war. The British just shoot at the messenger without caring if he could be apart of the British army and General Putnam decides to execute Sam because he "stole" his own family's cattle. Also they eat ravenously like dogs as said my Susannah from their hunger that war creates and later gives them infections from eating in an unsanitary manner.
From The Text...
"...I keep thinking that there might have been another way, beside war, to achieve the same end."

-Page 65

During the end of the story, Tim is a grown man with a wife and

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