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No description

dina hamama

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of WHY I CHOSE GREECE

By Dina Hamama
- My mother's native homeland.

- I have the Passport so I don't need a residency visa.

Mediterranean climate.
1 1\2 hours flight time from Egypt.
Got plenty of friends and family there.
- Country is poor, serious economic problems, high unemployment rate, no job offers plus low salaries.

- Lack of opportunities, one can never make it on their own; to live well one must be dependent on family wealth.

-Discrimination; religious to some extent.
Why I chose Greece ?

- I won't be struggling like a real
immigrant exiling in a completely
new country.

- Don't need a working permit.
Egypt's push factors:
- Poor health care & education system.

- Poor infrastructure and pollution problems

- Political instability and corruption
Greece's pull factors:
- Clean environment and a good climate.

- Lower cost of living, good healthcare
and education systems and religious

-Well introduced into the society
because of family links.
- Higher probability of employment
opportunities; my languages and talents
are in demand so I have a promising future
to look out for.

- Fun country, lots of entertainment
facilities plus the fact of having the choice
of choosing between 6 thousand islands
for vacation is not a bad idea :)
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