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Our Hobbies

hobbies about people

Paco Bombilla

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Our Hobbies

Collect stamps
Reading books
Hobbies of other people
Collect Stamps
This is my favorite sport, I love it because it's extreme and ver fun. Usually I practice in summer, but if I can I practice in autumn and in spring, not in winter.My favorite place to do surf is Hendaya (France).
Reading books
My favorite books
are the assassin's
creed books, there
are based on the
There are the bests books in the world.
Our hobbies
Our Hobbies
And hobbies of other people
I like collect stamps because you can collect stamps of all the world.It is increasingly difficult to collect them because stamps are no longer used today as people don't send so many cards as before, because usually such messages are sent via mobile phones, computers, etc..

Hobbies of children and teenagers people
The young people prefer playing video games than doing other things.
Running is useful for your
legs. This is one of the eleven most important sports in the Olympic Games.
Basket 10%
Football x2 20%
Cycling x2 20%
Playing play station x3 30%
Dancing 10%
Watching TV 10%
Alex Arias
Albert Galli
Oriol Ribera
Alex Carrio
Reading books is one entertainment
hobby and is fantastic because you
learn new words and expressions.
This is my favorite hobby after plying
computer games.
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