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My Project

My Information about Canadian Regions

Greg Zaun

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of My Project

And The St.Lawrence Lowlands
The Great Lakes
Lake Superior
Lake Huron
Lake Ontario
Lake Erie
Lake Superior is in North America.It is the largest Great lake in the world.Here is a picture of lake Lake Superior.
Lake Huron is in Windsor,Ontario.It is the 2nd largest Great lake in the world.Heres a picture of Lake Huron.
Lake Ontario is in Ontario,Toronto and it is the smallest Great lake in the whole wide world.Heres a picture of Lake Ontario.
Lake Erie is right beside the Niagara Falls.Lake Erie is the 4th largest Great lake in the world.Heres a picture of Lake Erie.
Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan the 3rd largest great lake in the world.It is located in the USA area.Here is a picture of lake Michigan.
The St.Lawrence Lowlands
The St.Lawrence Lowlands has many features in this region.The first one is the CN Tower.Tourist come to visit the CN tower because of its average height and second tallest tower in the world now.
My Family Trip
This Project meets my family's need and interests because my family likes fresh air,to go to another atmosphere,go shopping,this region meets my parents needs and interests because the reasons I gave in my line paper.
By Mohib Amin
I gave you many reasons why this region meets my family needs and intrests.I hope you like it.
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