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Dig Marketing Group - Introduction

Dig Marketing Group is a strategic marketing and brand communications business specialising in premium drinks, specialty foods, consumer lifestyle, leisure and hospitality.

Dig Marketing Group

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Dig Marketing Group - Introduction

RECENT CASE STUDIES Whether it is a brand launch, refresh or review we take a pragmatic, analytical and insightful approach to assessing brand health,

and helping businesses, their owners and brands deliver on their objectives. Though we’re headquartered in Melbourne

serving businesses across Australia and
New Zealand. CLIENTS
PAST AND PRESENT WHAT WE DO Strategic Marketing WHAT WE DO http://digmarketing.com.au and Brand Communications Strategic Marketing We understand how consumers think and act and use this understanding to

Dig focuses on four core areas of expertise: Strategy
and Consulting Brand
Communications Digital
Communications You know where you want your business to go...
it's our job to ask the right questions, not be afraid of
difficult conversations and have the experience
and expertise to help you get there. Angie
Bradbury The Directors Nicola
McConnell DIG MARKETING GROUP DIG MARKETING GROUP Founded by Angie Bradbury in 2005, WHO WE WORK WITH WHO WE WORK WITH Dig works with brands in the industries we know and love -
After a strategic split of the business, Angie rebranded the Melbourne operation to Dig Marketing Group as sole director in 2005.

Director Nicola McConnell joined the agency in 2009 after careers spent managing some of Australia's most famous brands with the multi-nationals. Angie Bradbury - Dig's Founder and Managing Director established her first public relations agency, Liquid Ideas, in 2000. We have a team of smart, educated marketers constantly looking for better ways of doing things. WHO WE ARE WHO WE ARE WHAT WE ACHIEVE WHAT WE ACHIEVE A revitalised brand and story for King Island Dairy - telling their story of provenance, quality and craftsmanship with ongoing consumer dialogue as we manage K.I.D.'s Facebook presence. Strategy & Consulting Effective brand communications builds stronger, more meaningful relationships. Brand Communications Digital communication uses Facebook, Twitter & You Tube et al, to engage consumers and drive sales. Pragmatic,
Insightful. We work collaboratively to develop a strategy that meets your business goals and positively impacts the future of your business. Connecting,
Delivering results. Digital Communications Relating,
Empowering. WANT TO LEARN MORE? WANT TO LEARN MORE? Strategy & Consulting: Communications: We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how Dig can grow your business. Angie Bradbury
Managing Director
03 8606 3700
0417 517 807
angie@digmarketing.com.au Nicola McConnell
03 8606 3700
0402 916 382
nicola@digmarketing.com.au Online Consumer Engagement (Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube et al) Publicity Staff Engagement Stronger Trade Relationships Media and Trade Engagement Robust exposure and endorsement for Campbell's Wines in response to their 140th anniversary with media coverage reaching more than 1.29 million people. The creation of an annual series of Voyager Estate masterclasses that have
become a 'must attend' event on the trade and wine-media calendar. Management and implementation of a three day, three city road show for Dan Murphy's 'Wines of the World' which efficiently trained more than 200 key staff. Increased media for the Royal Melbourne Wine Show - with a reach of more than 6.5 million people. We are proud to have worked with some outstanding businesses and brands including: We know how the consumers of these brands think and act and how to positively influence their attitudes towards our client’s brands.

Add to this our deep understanding of these industries and trade channels and you have a marketing partner who adds value to your brand right through the line. premium drinks, specialty food, consumer lifestyle, leisure and hospitality. CLIENTS
PAST AND PRESENT we rack up sky miles STRATEGY & CONSULTING STRATEGY & CONSULTING How we do it: Brand health checks
Situational analysis

Brand definition
Strategy development
Key messaging
Marketing planning This process usually includes: developing actionable marketing strategies (speaking to those who matter - internal and external research) (identifying your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through primary and secondary research) (Defining clear brand values, benefits and personality) (Developing your brand's key challenges and appropriate responses) (creating messages that connect with your audience) (defining the strategy and action plan and measurement of the plan) Just a few of our recent clients... From communications strategy to public relations implementation

and the right tools designed to influence peoples' beliefs and behaviours toward your brand. BRAND COMMUNICATIONS BRAND COMMUNICATIONS How we do it: Strategic communications / PR strategy
Media relations
Creating memorable brand experiences and events
Local area marketing
Direct marketing campaigns
Employee and distributor engagement
Sponsorship and alliances The tools we use to positively impact our clients' business include... Just a few of our recent clients... we focus on giving your brand a consistent,
relevant voice We connect your brand directly with the consumer. Along the way, we gather insights into their behaviour and discover by who and what they are influenced. DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS How we do it: A few recent digital clients include... build increased brand loyalty that ultimately leads to greater profitability. The tools we use to enhance your digital strategy include... Ensuring the digital strategy supports your integrated marketing communications plan
Social networking and community management
Identifying your influencers; connected consumers, bloggers, media, trade
Using online direct marketing
Online acquisition
Web design
Online videos
Online competitions Dig Marketing Group was created to provide marketing and
brand strategy consultancy services to businesses large and small. Over the years Dig has diversified its offer to include direct marketing, large-scale event management and digital communications. Our core business is devoted to working with brands in the industries we know and love - premium drinks, specialty food, consumer lifestyle, leisure and hospitality. We adopt a global view and have an
ever-growing international reach. positively influence their attitudes towards our clients' brands. By providing relevant content, and steering brand resonance through your digital communications, we Well, we can't cover it all here

but here's a snap shot from
recent projects... RECENT CASE STUDIES Event Management Dig creates memorable brand experiences that deliver on your objectives... Event Management Inspiring,
Lasting. Dig delivers events that meet marketing and sales objectives and EVENT MANAGEMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT How we do it: Here are a few highlights from recent events... provide the wow factor - within budget! Events we've created and delivered recently include... Dan Murphy’s Wines of the World 2011, 2012
The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 2012
The Voyager Estate Masterclass Series 2009 - 2012
King Island Dairy Cheese Masterclasses 2011, 2012
Campbells Wines 140th Anniversary Events 2011
Langton’s Classification V Tasting 2011
Many more product launches and events – just ask us! We develop measurable outcomes to check on the success of every event so they become more than just a feel good party, Dig client events create lasting brand experience and build relationships which ultimately generate sales. for an in-depth view of our case studies visit us at http://digmarketing.com.au/Case-Studies.aspx
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