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Maddy's Timeline

No description

Madison Bressi

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Maddy's Timeline

Maddy's Timeline
Grew Rapidly
Dependent On Others For Life
My Needs Were Met So I Percieved Adults As Reliable And Trust Worthy
Early Childhood
Explored Environment
Slept alot
Gained Some Independence
I was Encouraged In Attempts To Become More Independant So I Gained Confidence
Middle Childhood
Initiated Activities
Invented Ways Of Playing
Late Childhood

Transition To Adulthood
Live away from parents
Develop skills to live alone
Intern at Sloan-Greys Memorial Hospital
First Adulthood
Work to establish careers
Set financial and career goals and work to achieve them
Nominated for Harper-Avery Award
Head of hospital in Zurich, Switzerland
(Early Childhood)
(Middle Childhood)

1-3 years
3-6 years
6-12 years
Develop many important academic skills
Relate to peers
Did alot of plays
12-18 years
Physical and social transtition from childhood
Time of profound physical and emotional growth
18-30 years
Second Adulthood
Retirements come along
When Children start to leave home
Chief of Sloan-Grey Memorial Hospital
General Surgeon
45-70 years
Late Adulthood
70+ years
Loss of friends and loved ones
Retired from jobs and become independent
Chief of surgery at Sacred Heart Memorial
30-45 years
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