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Math Interventions: The Path to Success in a Special Education Classroom

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Cynthia Hilleman

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Math Interventions: The Path to Success in a Special Education Classroom

The Path to Success for a Special Education Classroom
Math Interventions
easyCBM.com Lite
The "Lite" version is free.
It assesses both reading and math.
The program begins with kindergarten and proceeds through eighth grade.
EasyCBM.com has numerous reports to assess learning.
Assessments can be taken on-line or paper-pencil.
Benefits of using easyCBM.com
Numbers and Operations: K-8
Geometry: K-1, 3, 5, 7-8
Measurement: K, 2, 4, 5, 7-8
Algebra: 1-8
Data Analysis: 8
Ratios: 6
Math Topics
Select group to view various completed CBM Assessments.
Select the CBM Assessment to view a summary of the results including a graph and item analysis.
Select individual students to view a graph showing percentile rank based on their norms and the actual test with the student's answers.
View student results of various assessments with graphs.
Add interventions for each student to improve performance in various areas.
easyCBM.com Reports
In our classroom...
Use for Daily Math Warm Up
Complete whole sheet for direct instruction
Assess student strengths and weaknesses
Reinforce content previously taught
Math for the left and right brain
Provides practice from PK to Geometry
and is linked to State Standards
Students receive unlimited access to all grade levels.
With infinite questions in over 2,000 skills, students can never run out of new questions to try.
Question-specific explanations offer immediate feedback and valuable instruction.
It has real-time assessment tools and more than 35 reports for analyzing student performance.
E-mail alerts help monitor the class's performance.
Achievement awards and certificates commemorate students' successes.
Colorful and enticing game boards reveal virtual prizes as students achieve new goals.
Downfall - must have a subscription to use for more than 20 problems and view reports.
IXL Learning
Many Benefits
In my classroom...
Tie in with direct instruction.
Practice skills recently learned.
Review previously learned skills.
Play for fun!
Khan Academy
The website is free.
There are videos to watch and exercises for practice.
It includes simple addition and subtraction and goes all the way to calculus skills.
Students can receive a series of hints if they don't understand the problem.
It is not just for math assistance.
In my classroom...
Watch video to introduce topics.
Practice new concepts.
Review old content.
Math Journals
It is very similar format to Facebook.
Kids enjoy using it.
It is free!
Students are given a journal prompt.
The prompts vary from number problems
to solving word problems or creating their own problems using specific data.
Once submitted, they comment on another student's response.
Students from one class and converse with each other about the math they are learning.
Typical Lesson in Pre-Algebra
Warm Up: Edmodo Journal Response or easyCBM.com Assessment
Introduction of new topic: Khan Academy Video
Direct Instruction: Notes and Examples
Practice New Skills: IXL or Khan Academy
Assess Skills: Homework assignment from text
This lesson may take 1 day or 3 days depending on the mastery of skills learned.
Online Math Websites:
IXL Learning
Khan Academy
"Why and How To Use Technology in Math

Technology motivates students to learn, complete tasks that might bore them with pencil and paper, provides creative ways to solve problems, and offers a risk free learning environment for students to explore the world of mathematics. It encourages students to become active learners with a quest for knowledge and to assume responsibility for their own learning.

Mathematical concepts are understood in several different ways... using pictures, non-linguistic representation, interactive math tools, graphs, colored squares, multimedia presentations, and number lines. It enables students to use a variety of media and formats to apply, evaluate, synthesize and communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.

Interactive math tools should be used in the classroom because they are tools that provides concrete ways to explore abstract concepts, enhance success for visual learners, promote higher-order thinking skills and deepens understanding."

Waters, Pamela. "Integrating Technology Into the Mathematics Classroom to Bridge the Minority Gap."
Integrating Technology Into the Mathematics Classroom to Bridge The Minority Gap. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2012. <http://teachers.redclay.k12.de.us/pamela.waters/math/fetc/index.htm>.
What our students say...
Based on an Edmodo Poll:
60% prefer EasyCBM.com
40% prefer Edmodo Math Journals
"I like using IXL Learning because it is like a game." ~ Jon
"Using Khan Academy lets us learn math in a fun way!" ~ Faith
"The videos help me understand what we talk about in math." ~ Brandon
I like the computers for math because it is more fun and different than using paper assignments." ~ Jacob
"IXL and Khan Academy are really fun!" ~ Blade
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