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maths investigation- golden ratio-mackenzie o'sullivan

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Mackenzie OSullivan

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of maths investigation- golden ratio-mackenzie o'sullivan

The Golden Ratio By Mackenzie O'Sullivan 7J The Golden Ratio is an ancient way of
making sure something was in perfect proportion so that it would look
appealing to the eye. this process is still widely used today in things such as: art, architecture, and even nature. THE GOLDEN RATIO I have discovered that the golden ratio was even used to build the great pyramids. The first pyramid built using the golden ratio was built for King Zoser in 2750 BCE. It is now one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is truly amazing to think that
this ancient civilization, which
had no fancy tools or any
experience in building pyramids
could make something so
beautiful and perfect looking. no body knows how they would
have come up with this perfect
equation. maybe they just stumbled
upon it, or maybe they were more
intelligent than anyone had even
thought possible so many years
ago. the equation might seem simple
to us but it is remarkable to think
that they came up with it so many
years ago. THE PERFECT EQUATION There is a mathematical equation
for working out whether a pyramid
is in perfect proportion. to find out
if it is, you divide the height by the
half the side length. great pyramid of Giza sloping height= 186.369
base length=115.182 = 186.369 ÷ 115.182 = 1.61804 The Golden Ratio in Art Many artists use the golden
ratio in their artwork. A great
example of this is Leonardo
Davinci's, The Mona lisa. This painting is a great example of The Golden Ratio in art because her face and body are in perfect proportion and the measurements of her face and body were the same as the golden ratio. However, the golden ratio
wasn't just used in the
great pyramids thousands of years ago. it is actually still used today in architecture, music, nature, and even art. it is found a lot in art. The Fibonacci number system was
discovered by Leonardo Davinci. well he didn't really create it, he just realized it. The Fibonacci number system is a mathematical pattern that exists in things like nature, to how a person grows and developes. It also exists in art, which is how he managed to get his paintings in perfect proportion. The number sequence is: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89, etc. In this number system, you take the previous number and add it to the latest number to get the next number in the sequence, starting from 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhnTTxUfMw Nobody will ever know for sure if the egyptians intended on using the Golden Ratio when making the pyramids. Maybe they were more intelligent than we thought, and purposely used this advanced equation, or, maybe they had no idea what they were really accomplishing, and just thought they were using their average method of measuring . who knows. In my opinion, I think that the egyptians were a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for, and were capable of producing such advanced creations. The reason for my opinion is that throughout my research i found that there was evidence of the golden ratio in at least five other cases in ancient Egypt. It was also found in other buildings and monuments as well as in ancient drawings. Also, there is a very minimal chance that the ancient Egyptians accidentally made the pyramids etc in perfect proportion. For these reasons, i believe that the ancient Egyptians did in fact know about the Golden Ratio, all those years ago. the golden ratio is
also found in nature,
music and architecture REFLECTION AND EVALUATION By Mackenzie O'Sullivan 7J THANK YOU FOR WATCHING
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