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Golden Lion Tamarin

In this presentation I will talk about the Golden Lion Tamarin.

Fabricio Oddone

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin Appearance/Physical Features 60 centimeters long
Orange Fur
Long Tail
Descend from monkeys
Monophormic (both sexes look the same)

Why is it Endangered? The Golden Lion Tamarin's ideal habitat is not even recognizable.
The environment it is naturally adapted to is scarce.
There are only about 1,500 Golden Lion Tamarins living in the wild nowadays. natural Habitat Live mostly in tropical rainforest of Brazil.
Like dense and primary forests.
Are arboreal (live and stay mostly in trees) Consequences of Extinction Diet Reproduction and Growth Videos other Interesting Facts Solutions It eats,
In the wild: Small sweet fruits, lizards and insects.
In Zoos: Nuts, fruits and moneky chow. Mate in the months of April and May.
Adults take care of their newborn babies together.
They are monogamous (have one mate at a time). Less diversity
May cause further extinctions
Less food for predators
Interruptions on food chains Stop cutting trees and forests down (that include golden lion tamarin's environment.
Build temporary habitats until their natural habitat is recovered.
Take care of them by providing food, space, protection from predators, and any other basic requirements to survive until they reproduce into a larger quantity.
Life Expectancy: 8 years,if they past the infant stage which includes the death of 40% of the golden lion tamarins.
Record of tamarin that lived the longest: 31 years.

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