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Leading Movement

No description

Ruth Gurgel

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of Leading Movement

"Sneaky Snake"
A dance from the U.S.A.
Alabama Gal
Folk Song
Explore the different movements of the leaves.

What words describe the different movements of the leaves?

Create the same movements but now, use your body!
Strategies for teaching creative movement
Balance: give guidelines, but also allow for complete freedom of expression.
Allow students "think time."
Props, instruments, poems, and art work well.
Choose music carefully.
Encourage students to watch each other.
Strategies for teaching choreographed dancing
Page 100-101:
Why is movement important?
What is an important consideration for teachers when doing movement activities?
Wind Has Shaken Autumn Down
byTony Johnston
Wind has shaken autumn down,
Left it sprawling on the ground,
Shawling all in gold below,
Waiting for the hush of snow.

from "Teaching Music and Dance" by Phyllis Weikart
From Teachers Pay Teachers.com
Boot-Scootin' Boogie
Brooks and Dunn
Right, pivot (180 deg), Right, pivot
Right, L Back, Right, L stomp (Grapevine)
Left, pivot (180 deg), Left, pivot
Left, R Back, Left, R stomp (Grapevine)
L Heel out 45 deg, tap L heel with R hand
L Heel out 45 deg, scoot R foot up to match (Repeat above two lines)
L Step front, R match L, R step 90 deg, L step to match
L Step to L, R kick around 180 degrees, R foot comes down + Clap.
Leading Movement
Page 189 (Table 7.1)-192:
When are some times can you incorporate movement into the classroom?
What are some tips for appropriate instruction in movement (think developmental levels)?
To the Robinson textbook:
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