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The President and the Seanad

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of The President and the Seanad

The President and the Seanad
Aim: to explore the President and the Seanad
By the end of the lesson you will:
What is the name given to the form of government that we have in Ireland?
What is the name given to the Irish Constitution?
What does the constitution state?
What are the sections of the constitution called?
Name a symbol of Ireland.
Uachtaran na hEireann (Presidnet of Ireland)
The President is the first citizen of the state. He or she holds office for seven years. They can only be elected twice. They live in Aras an Uachtaran in the Phoenix Park Dublin. The job of the President is described in the Constitution.
Our government
The Houses of the Oireachtas (The Irish Parliament)
Have started to explore the key people and systems in our government.
Know about the Irish President.
Have learned about the Seanad.
What do you know about the Irish President?
The President
The Seanad
The Dail
Oath of Office
In Dublin castle the person who has won the election swears the oath in front of the two houses of the Oireachtas, the judges of the Supreme and High Court and other people.
Work of the President
Signing bills into laws.
Representing Ireland abroad.
Giving new Ministers their seal of office.
Being the supreme commander of the defence forces.
The Seanad
The people elected to the Seanad are called senators. There are 60 senators. Senators discuss many issues. They play a big role when bills are being passed. They can introduce their own bills too.
In the evenings, Senators might do constituency work, meet local community groups and political organisations.
Pop Quiz
(October Reports)
1. What is our form of government?

2. What is our constitution called?

3. What are the sections of the constitution called?

4. Who is our president?

5. How long od they hold office for?
Pop Quiz
6. Where does the president live?

7. Name a job the President does.

8. How many senators are there?

9. Name a job a senator does.

10. Name one symbol of Ireland.
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