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Aztecs, incas, and mayans

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hailey peterson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Aztecs, incas, and mayans

Mayans U kab ku- sacraficial knife. Aztecs Sacraficed llamas as well as humans INCAS Ancient Civilization By Hailey Peterson Learned from earlier people. Like the Olmec Tribes Gold is a holy metal. They were skillful potters lived in the high mountain tops. Great embroidery By Hailey Peterson Mayans built pyramids believed the world has been destroyed 4 times. Corn was main food for Mayans. Men often married at age 20. The Mayan home loved company. They built stone roadways. The state controlled every aspect of life. Farmers are only allowed to keep 1\4 of their crops. LOTS OF LLAMAS!!! The Mayan Corn God. Married women wore their hair up. Tlachlir-sacred ball game 600 a.d. peak of the aztec civilization. The Game patolli was played very much by the Aztec people. No money-bartered for goods. Priests ran the schools-they were very strict. Excelent craftsman. Conclusion: The mayan, Aztec, and Incan cultures are not so blood thirsty today, though their cultures, religon, and traditions are still being practiced in the modern mesoamserican areas. THE END!!!!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!!!!!!
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