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The History Of Rap Music

This Is Awesome

Josh Pulford

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The History Of Rap Music

Rap Music
And It's Effect on
Society Rapping would be defined as making poetry like lyrics to beats and rhyming to make them sound good. You might have a
favorite rap group or
solo artist of your choosing. People Like This
influence the rap game
now: Back then there were rappers that influenced the making of rap.
Wu Tang Clan
Grandmaster Flash
Beastie Boys
And Alot More... Things like:
Baggy Pants
Memorizing lyrics
Reactions to authority and other people Many of the mannerisims in our everday life are because of rap music. I thought that one was funny. Here Is An Example Of Rap When It Was
All About Having Fun. Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Some people tell stories through rap
music like this: Alot Of people listen to rap music
to release anger and sadness and other emotions. That's about it on how rap has an effect on society; I hope you liked it! And the most known rap technique is
your ability to freestyle.
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