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The Scorch Trials

No description

Battle Hobt

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

The Protagonist is:
Thomas is the protagonist. He is the main character who was used as a testing subject for a cure of the deadly Flare disease. He has no memory or idea of why he is put into these tests; but, all that he knows is that he is a key component and needs to survive.
The Antagonist is:
A group by the name of WICKED. WICKED is a group formed by the surviving government that want to make a cure for the disease The Flare. They use kids who are immune and who aren't immune. They put these kids through very dangerous and difficult tests that stretch their minds. They use this information to make blueprints to help find the cure to this very deadly disease.
Other Characters:
The Plot of the story is, The gladers are trying to survive against WICKED'S tests. These gladers must live off of pure survival with danger lurking around every corner and hoping to see the next day. WICKED sends these gladers through the test so that they can gain data for blueprints for the for the cure. This cure is for the very deadly disease The Flare. The gladers don't like what WICKED is doing to them. WICKED is trying to save the human race, while the Gladers risk their life every minute to help WICKED achieve this goal.

The Scorch Trials
By:James Dashner

The Mood of this story is very dramatic and suspenseful. You never know what the author will throw at you. Through out the book you never really understand what's happening or who to trust. There is a whole lot of betrayal and confusion. Thomas has the worst end of the entire thing because he wants to know about his past life and the secrets from before; but, something always stops him from achieving this goal.

The Theme:
The Theme is trust and friendship. Trust is the number one problem in the story. No one actually knows what's going on. WICKED is controlling them and telling them what to do and lying here and there makes it extremely hard to trust them. Friendship is important to the gladers because they were all friends and had to get along to survive in the glade. The lies that WICKED were telling them has ruined a lot of the friendships and turned people against each other.
Minho: Minho is a Korean boy who is the leader of the runners in the Glade. Minho is very aggressive at times and has anger issues which get him in a lot of trouble at times.
Newt: A British boy with long blonde hair, he took over leadership of the Gladers after the former leader died in the Maze. He has a slight limp and is Thomas and Minho's best and most reliant friend. The tattoos that WICKED put on the back of his neck designate him as "The Glue
This story is a Fiction
I absolutely loved this book. It had everything I enjoy in a book: tons of adventure, suspense, twist and turns that lead to dangerous places, and confusion. All of these together in this book makes it very much worth reading. The gladers in the story have no idea what is truly happening in the story and are just put into painful and dangerous paths that could end their life. All while WICKED sits back and watches them kill themselves just to collect data for the cure for The Flare. You never know what will happen next in the story The Scorch Trials.
Cranks: The cranks are infected people that are way past the gone who went crazy and try to kill anything that moves. They act like zombies who have nothing to live for and will go to extremes to kill something or someone.
Teresa: Teresa is a girl who can telepathically speak to Thomas. She is the leader of group B, and informs Thomas what to do. Teresa is a big believer in WICKED and thinks they are there to help them.
The setting of the book The Scorch Trials takes place in the middle of a desert called the scorch. After the sunflares took place all over the world this is the place were it hit the hardest. The Scorch is located between the 2 tropics and is crank infested in every city. One of the cities is where the gladers meet up with Jorge and Brenda and find intersting things about them. The Scorch's cities are also known as crank palaces because that is where they are taken once they are way past the gone.
Brenda and Jorge: Brenda and Jorge are two pre-cranks that lived in the crank infested city. they were in the same building that the gladers took shelter in during the storm. They made a promise with the gladers and seek for the reward the gladers claim to have.
The Story The Scorch Trials is very depressing and confusing. Through out the story people die left and right and get captured and just disappear, WICKED makes it hard for the gladers to understand anything that is happening through all of the obstacles that they throw at them. None of the Gladers cant trust anyone even each other.
The Conflict is:
The Conflict is both External and Internal. Is External because the gladers are fighting physically with WICKED and the Cranks. They encounter each other very frequently and do not end to well half the time. The conflict is also Internal because There is lots of betrayal and disbelief. This leads to the gladers to start thinking about things and questioning things. It also leads them to hate WICKED even more for what they are doing.
This also hurts the gladers emotionally because they cant remember anything from their past lives and it makes them very sad. Also they are worried about if they have the Deadly Disease The Flare.
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