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Matthew Guo for TSA Secretary

No description

Matthew G

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Matthew Guo for TSA Secretary

Matthew Guo for TSA Secretary
Why should you vote for me?
1 year experience in TSA
Organized and helpful
Attentive during meetings
Dedicated to TSA
Productive (at times)
Friendly and social
Vote for me for TSA Secretary! I, not only have a year of experience, but I am a helpful and friendly guy who can fulfill the duties of Secretary. I dedicate my time and effort to TSA, and will make it a better place for all of you.
Accomplishments in TSA
8th Grade
2nd year of TSA
Favorite Subject is Math
Hobbies: Gaming, Reading, Listening to Music, Piano and Guitar
Friendly, helpful, jokes around
Most favorite events are Catapult and VEX
Least favorites are Dragster
(not trying to convince you to not try this event)
(kind of)
Unofficial "High Priest" of last year's TSA
1st place Sumo Bots
3rd place Catapult
3rd place JSS
Being in Video Game Design and taking almost no credit for anything, except for art.
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