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Ender's Game Ship GRAVITY!!.

shows ship gravity =)

Emily Vierling

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Ender's Game Ship GRAVITY!!.

Ender's Game Ender's False Gravity and Recycling of Ships Air and Water Artificial Gravity
on the Battle
School This centrifugal force that is
created is the perfect amount of
gravity so that it pulls outwards. The battle school is a ship in space that creates its own artificial force. Being a circular ship, the outside circle part
is spinning at a certain speed to
obtain gravity on the ship, while keeping the center (battle rooms) null gravity Recycling Air and Water in the
Battle School Ender: "All gone, except they
recycled it and we'll be drinking
Bonzo's blood water in the morning." Recycled Air water The Battle School In the middle of the Battle School is the battle room which has null gravity (zero gravity). Having no gravity, makes the battles more realistic and gives Ender and his friends yet another challenge to overcome. The battle rooms are not actually attached to the rest of the battle school so they aren't spinning allowing the battle rooms to have zero gravity. BY: Emily V., Emily W., Mikayla, and Brynn The battle school uses plants to recycle the air for the launchies, and their teachers. The plants also provide a source of food for the inhabitants of the battle school. The battle school recycles water like all the other people on Earth. After the water is used, they purify it again and reuse the water. By: Brynn Mikayla Emily V Emily W Emily V Emily W THE END Emily V
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