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My Favorite Movie Hunger Games

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morgan langer

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of My Favorite Movie Hunger Games

My Favorite Movie Hunger Games

There are three leading characters in the movie. Katniss being the main character, and Peeta and Gale being secondary characters.
Back stories
There are some things that happened before the present in the movie that you need to know to understand the story.
73 Hunger Games
Everyone in District Twelve had to go into the town square for the choosing of the names. First they chose the girls, then the boys. This was also Prims first time to be able to be chosen, because she is 12.
The movie starts with the twelve districts. They are kind of like social classes stuck in a certain part of the world.
The Games
The Capitol thought that the districts needed a punishment for trying to rise and take over, so they created the anual Hunger Games.
Why It's my Favorite Movie.
This movie also has a set of books to go along with it, which is also my favorite series of books.
Katniss Everdeen
She is the main character of the movie, she loves her little sister, and gets pulled into a horrible situation. Katniss is a skilled archer and breaks the rules to fend for her family.
Peeta Mellark
Peeta is a baker, and lives in close proximity to Katniss. They have only had contact once when Katniss was in need of food desperately. Peeta also gets pulled into this horrible disaster with Katniss.
Gale Hawthorne
Gale is Katnisses best friend, and hunting partner. They live close to each other, and know each other better than anyone else in each others lives. Gale secretly has feelings for Katniss, but hasn't told anyone.
Social classes
The social classes start with the Capitol and the people that live there are the richest of the rich, and then the districts go from one to twelve, one being wealthiest district and twelve being the poorest of all.
Districts Jobs
All of the districts are assigned to different tasks, twelve is coal mining, eleven is agriculture, five is things involving the water like fishing, and purifying water. The Capitol people don't work. They are just raised with all the money they will ever need.
Districts Rising
The people in the Capitol created this horrible system of districts and years before the movie started the districts tried to rise up and take over the government, which created the Hunger Games.
What the Hunger Games is
The Hunger Games is a system of picking one boy and one girl from each district every year. These kids are between the ages of 12 and 18. The names are called at random, which means there are 24 kids in each Hunger games every year.
These 24 kids get dropped into an arena that they are trapped in, and fight each other to the death. This event is broadcast to all of the districts, and they go until there is only one left.
Every year the victor of the Hunger Games has wealth and praise for the rest of their life. They get a big house in a place called the Victors Village and then becomes a mentor for the next people to be in the Hunger Games. District twelve has only had one victor in the past 73 years.
Katnisses Father
Katiniss was very close to her father as a little girl, he taught her how to hunt, and sang to her when they were together. He was killed in a mining explosion, and Katniss had to take care of her little sister Prim and her mom. Her mother went into a state of depression, and shut down, to leave Katniss alone with Prime, at the age of 12
Meeting Gale
Katniss was afraid to hunt without her dad, and she was not great at hunting yet. She fell into a snare trap and saw a 14 year old boy with black hair while she was upside down, he introduced himself as Gale. That is were their friendship started, and they grew together.
The name was drawn from the basket, they called off the name and it was Prim. Katniss couldn't let her go, so she shouted I volunteer! This means that Prim stayed at home and Katniss had to go the Hunger Games.
They drew the name and it read off Peeta Melark. It was silent, nobody volunteered for Peeta, and he walker up to the stage and took his place. Bot Peeta and Katniss stood there stunned, they were preparing to leave their families forever.
Katniss gets back and finds out that her family had to tell media that Gale was her cousin so that their secret love wasn't reveled to anyone.
Her little sister Prim had become different to. In the time that Katniss had been gone she had grown a lot. She became an adult able to live without her older sister. Katnisses life was completely different when she got back.
I think that this series really pulls you into the story. It makes you feel like you are taking the ride with Katniss. You can imagine the story going on in your head, and feel emotions as if this had happened to you. I also have always loved stories of adventure, and I think that a daring adventure like this one can really pull people in.
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Prezi By:
Morgan Langer
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Katiniss and Peeta go through the Hunger games and win. They go home, and find that nothing is the same for them.
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