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District Leadership Teams

No description

Amy Porter

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of District Leadership Teams

Sherman ISD Cadre Approach to Excellence
District Leadership Teams
Data Analysis

Analyzing Data from different sources and in different ways.

Instructional Planning

Planning instruction based on curriculum documents and data as well as assessment planning and review.

Staff Development

Learning and teaching others new strategies for effective instruction, re-teaching, and intervention.


Sharing of information among teams of teachers with common interests and build social connections among lead teachers.
Principals from each campus will select grade level leads to represent their campus for each grade level. The first year of implementation each principal served on a different DLT level each nine weeks, with the exception of the PK principal who will serve on kindergarten all year, which was good for the lead teachers as well as the Principals. This second year the principals stayed with a grade level. We have just completed our third DLT grade level meetings for this school year.
Team Members
Each grade level has a specific DLT group email which includes all leads and all principals
DLT Principal Group - Meets monthly to plan, debrief about grade level DLT, discusses teaching and learning, curriculum as well as establishes SISD standards to ensure student success across all campuses.
Eduphoria Workshop tracks schedule, attendance, agendas, notes & surveys
Scheduled meetings and plan are established (DLT 1 x 9 weeks)
“An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to better achieve results for the students they serve”- Richard DuFour
Reach to Succeed!
All Principals & DLT members will meet with grade level teams on their campus within one week of the DLT meeting to share and turn information around to all teachers. There will be follow-ups on trainings between campuses to spread best practices. If outside training is a need the DLT principals will communicate & arrange with C&I staff.
Post DLT Action Plan
Increased Student Achievement!
GOAL: The "why"
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