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Team building for leadership


Yasmine Ourabia

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Team building for leadership

Lovely Little Organic Farm Healthy & affordable products
that emphasize Greek heritage! Future Benefits Foster community development by creating job opportunities



Integration of technology facilitates availability

Promotes consumption of nutritious and budget-friendly meals

Maintaining Greek culture Target Market Two different products:

* Fresh organically cultivated fruit and vegetables:

- Target: families

- Why? : research

* Delicious, made-on-the day meals:

- Target: local businesses/offices/workers Our budget-friendly meals Typical Greek food prepared using 100%
organic raw materials.
* Healthy
* Reasonable priced
* Can be ordered online through website/email
or through phone!
* Cash on Delivery option available! Challenges & Opportunities we face Market - An established yet small market

- Huge room for growth

- Demand

- Expansion

AS A RESULT : MANY potential customers, through many different channels! Where Our organic farm initiative Mission:
Provide a fresh, nutritious and budget-friendly alternative home delivery food service, based on Greek heritage.

Expand and promote quality organic products in Greece's local market and abroad while fostering community development. Greece is one of the oldest civilizations, dating back over 5000 years.
Population: 10 million people.
Geographic size: 51,000 square miles.
Capital: Athens.
Major cities and population: Athens, Patra, Piraeus, Larisa and Salonica. The foundation of ancient greek economy.

Nowadays :

Organic farming:

- Two decades

- Development unorganized

- Implementation of EU regulations

- Process of conversion

OUR company is different: we're simply starting organic Growing interest among consumers in the provenance of their food as many believe there are advantages to eating food of Greek origin.
Consumers, for example, believe that home-grown foods are fresher than imported food.

Changing eating habits open more opportunities for organic home-made products.

Because of economic conditions Greeks are spending more time at home. This is expected to increased demand for inexpensive home-delivery food services and ready meals

PRICE is a concern! Core Products 100 % organic fruits and vegetables

Healthy Greek organic food prepared by the in-house caterers.

A variety of options on typical Greek Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner delivered right at your Home, School or Workplace. Project Timeline Future Projection * Volunteering Camp
Increases Sustainability
* Cooking School
Transferring Greek culture
* Export to international markets
Increases sustainability Land use:
23% arable, 40% meadows and pastures, 20% forests and woodlands, 9% miscellaneous.

Mainly rock with mountain ranges that extend into the sea as peninsulas and islands series.

Mediterranean: hot and dry summer, mild winter rainfall in autumn and winter Be a farmer for a day! Το ελληνικό όνειρο :-)
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