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Old English Period Heroes

No description

Faith McDinkus

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Old English Period Heroes

By: Maddie Abbett, and Faith McKinnon Old English Period Heroes What was the Old English Period? ~ Beowulf ~ The poem is about a king's mead cellar being ravaged by a monster named Grendel. Grendel also carries away the king's men and eats them. Beowulf (cntd.) ~ The Old English Period was from the 5th century A.D. until the time of Norman Conquest. ~ This period was inhabited by the Anglo-Saxons, who were a Germanic People. ~ Beowulf was an epic poem about a warrior. ~This poem was the highest achievement of Old English Period Literature. ~ The king leaves Beowulf in charge of the problem. ~ In the end, Beowulf kills Grendel. ~ This Story shows qualities that were very serious in their society such as courage, loyalty to friends and people of higher standing, and the ability to perform supernatural deeds. ~ Heroes in Old English literature almost always had the traits mentioned in the former slide. ~ Fun Fact: Most of their stories were told orally from generation to generation, until the invented a written language appropriately named 'Old English'. N.P. "Anglo-Saxon Literature". Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. N/A. October 9, 2012. Citations: Mazzeno, Lawrence W. "Masterplots II: Christian Literature". Galileo. EBSCO Industries. September 2007. October 9, 2010. N.P. "Beowulf". Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
N/A. October 10, 2012.
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