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The Trek across Spain

No description

Gene Maynard

on 25 July 2018

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Transcript of The Trek across Spain

After a train across France...
Lorri's Trek Across Spain: The Camino
Roncevalles, Spain May 29
The First Day
Santiago de Compostela
and a night in a French Pyrenees Bed & Breakfast...
The 1st Peregrino meal
8th Century chapel
constant companions
In this 12th century
chapel we received
the Pilgrim's blessing
Lorri's ready to trek
Tomorrow...the Camino!
Hemingway's Village
The morning path
Basque Village
The Afternoon Path
the French Way
The Camino (Way)
The cities on the hill
The oldest road in Spain:
4th century Roman road
Bread for the way to Pamplona from a Basque bread man
The Columbian/Spanish family: "We are punished."
Friends, Gifts and Blessings
El Molino
Something Nasty
Something Familiar
Something Different
Every Day on The Way
Burgos from
our bedroom
Roman bridges
Steep Ups
Steeper Downs
Eno rocks!
Serious? After all
our trouble you're
going to call us
St. Francis
Walked Camino in 1214
St. Francis Cathedral
B&B Stables
The Rewards of Slowing Down: Beauty Everywhere
The Village Square:
Where Community
The largest
in the world
The swinging of the botafumeiro
800 years later we walked the same way and received the St. Francis certificate
It takes a team
Side 1 of stamped passport
Lorri in the courtyard of the Cathedral of
Santiago de Compostela
we started the day behind this hill
The last day
mountain cherries
Sunken path after
1,000 years of
pilgrim feet
Basque sheep
Santiago de Compostela
New Clothes
"At age 56, I walked across a country"
One stamp for each day from mile 500-100; two stamps for each day of last 100 miles. Pilgrim "diploma" given in Santiago de Compostela for completed passport.
in village outside Pamplona
May 29-July 8, 2014
6 Generations
of 1 family has cooked dinner for pilgrims on this oven
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