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No description

Yumi Nguyen

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Valentine

Legends of valentine
Valentine in some country.
Valentine's day ?
February 14
Valentine's Day.
Feast of Saint Valentine.
many countries
working day
Valentine was a priest under Roman Emperor Claudius II
Claudius II banned the organization of the wedding or engagement party to focus on the war .
Valentine priest in Rome , with St. Marius was against the edicts of the mighty emperor.
The priest Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death.
February 14 became the date of the annual exchange of the message of love and St. Valentine became the patron saint of the couple.
Red Valentine
Black Valentine
White Valentine
Red Valentine
Held on 14/2.
Origin: Roma.
Date of "lovers": gifts and express their love.
Held on 14/3.
Origin: Japan.
The first was held in 1978.
The boy is buying gifts in return gave them the girl on Valentine's Day 14/2.
White Valentine
Black Valentine
Origin: Korea.
Date of "bachelor".

Designed by:
Nguyễn Quỳnh Anh. (01/11)
Nghiêm Thị Thanh Bình.
Nguyễn Thị Khánh Huyền.
Nguyễn Nữ Quỳnh Trang.

Valentine in some country
In France, a traditionally 
 country, Valentine's Day is known simply as "
Saint Valentin
", and is celebrated in much the same way as other western countries.

, the common situation is the man gives 
, flowers or both. In Chinese, Valentine's Day is called lovers' festival. The so-called "Chinese Valentine's Day" is the 
Qixi Festival
, celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Valentine's Day on February 14 is not celebrated because it is often too close to the 
Chinese New Year
South Korea
, similar to 
, women give chocolate to men on February 14, and men give non-chocolate candy to women on March 14 (
White Day
). On April 14 (
Black Day
), those who did not receive anything on 14 February or March go to a Korean restaurant to eat black noodle and "mourn" their single life.
Thank for listening!
Valentine's days
Valentine Red 14/2
Date for girlfriend confessed.
White Day 14/3

On to men's emotional response to his girlfriend
Valentine Black 14/4

Day for lonely people

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