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1984 and The Giver

No description

Lisa Mucha

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of 1984 and The Giver

Government Monitoring By: Lisa Mucha 1984 and The Giver Comparison In both books, the government closely monitors individual behavior.

In 1984, there are telescreens in everyone's house and even all around Oceania, where they live.

In The Giver, the characters are watched from the second they leave their mother's womb. Everyone and everything is supposed to be supportive, helpful, and encouraging. Memory In both books, memory is very limited.

In 1984, The Party can change the past, present, and future to be anything that they want it to be.

In The Giver, the main character Jonas is the receiver of memory, that only him and the giver know.

Only a select few in each book know the real past. Not So Perfect Societies In the disutopian books 1984 and The Giver, the societies may seem perfect because the people seem to be happy and healthy. These societies have many flaws, though.

Examples: In 1984, everyone, including Winston and Julia pretended that they were happy with their government and loved Big Brother when they really didn't.
Self expression is limited, words in the dictionary are cut down, and you are always being watched.
In the giver, everyone is also being watched. Your job is picked for you when you're very young. In The Giver, the committee of elders and in 1984, The Party choose what emotions you can express, who you can marry, your job, and many other things. Life Choices
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